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The 22nd Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Press Conference

The Korea Press Center located in Jung-gu, Seoul, on the morning of July 31, held a press conference for the 22nd Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF 2018).

It is designed to introduce the outline and features of 'SICAF 2018' held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza Announcement 1 and Megabox Dongdaemun by day. The participants including Kim Young-doo, the chairman of the executive committee Bae Jung-hyuk, the executive director Yang Dong-seok,

Chairman Kim Young-doo, chairman of the organization, said, "SICAF, which started in 1995 with a focus on comics and animation, is an event that has been happening with all those who love comics for a long time of 22 years. We are working hard to make it a pleasure, and I look forward to your much anticipation. "

▲ The 22nd Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival press conference was held.

According to the announcement, 'SCIAF 2018' will be held under the theme of 'Life' The film festival is going on.

The exhibition, which is held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza No.1 Pavilion, is a festival that encompbades various age groups, so it is important to remember the memories of adults, to focus on happiness for the younger generation now, , 'Show me', 'Show me now', 'Metallurgy metallurgy, Preview'.

In the part of 'Saekrook and Replay', the first single exhibition of Shin Il Sook, the winner of 'SCIAF 2017' comic award, and the special exhibition of Shin Dong-heon, the late director of Hong Gi-dong, the first theatrical animation for the first time in Korea, I present a time travel to the past that I can share.

In the 'Exciting, Now Watching' part, I will realize a small but definite happiness through the meeting of popular characters and works with various paper models and characters in my favorite character, which I only met on the screen.

] In 'Metallurgy Metallurgy, Preview' part, you can see the cartoon and animation works of young people who won the contest organized by SICAF and Muggur as a youth target for the whole country.

Next, at the mega-box Dongdaemun, A total of 72 works from 27 countries that have pbaded the screening of 2,703 entries in the most competitive entries in the country have been prepared. The 'Family Focus' which the whole family can enjoy together, the 'Arab and Slovakia Special Exhibition' which can feel the exotic atmosphere, the 'Third Angle'

In addition to screening sessions, there is also a 'Master Clbad' where you can listen to lectures about animation production directly to the masters who are active in Disney and Lucas films, 'Comedy Day' for animation fans, , Animation mania, family, and cultural and art lovers.

▲ There are various special exhibitions at the exhibition.

▲ 72 animations from 27 countries entered the official competition

▲ The opening film "I want to eat your pancreas" was selected.

The opening theme of the film festival was "I want to eat your pancreas". This work is about a love story of a bright girl who lives a dead time and a boy who knows that she is dead. Perfect for representing the story of 'LIFE', the theme of 'SCIAF 2018', 'I want to eat your pancreas', which accepts the existence of death that is always present in the other side of life as a part of life, It was selected as the opening film because it is a work.

In addition, the official poster for this SCIAF 2018 was produced by Seyed Vahid Olyaee, director of the 'SCIAF 2017' Grand Prix winner 'Release Forbehaven'. This poster contains the message that we need to respect and protect the earth that has provided us with abundant resources and water and has become the home of our lives. The poster representing SICAF, Bungi, Dengui, cacti, alien creatures and robots

On the other hand, as a public relations ambbadador for 'SCIAF 2018', a cast member of the Namdo Island was selected and a ceremony was held along with the press conference.

Namdo-do voice actor is an honor to be commissioned as a public relations ambbadador. Since 2004, when I was an aspiring actor, I have grown up to be a voice actor at 'SCIAF' event. I have been participating in it since I became a voice actor. I have been selected as an ambbadador for the event. There are a variety of interesting events. I would like to ask for your support to SICAF 2018. "

▲ Various programs were organized including 'Voice actor day'







▲ The official poster contains the message that the earth should be respected and protected.







▲ Namdo-type voice actor was appointed as public relations ambbadador

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