Tuesday , March 2 2021

"Stop running" SNS Driving video controversy Park Eun-ji apology



Broadcaster Park Eunji has recently posted a video on Social Network Service (SNS) that seems to be speeding through the alleyway, and said that it is controversial.

Park Eun-ji apologized on the 31st of his instagram, "I am sorry to mislead people who see it because of the rapid visual effect for any reason."

"The video was taken in a time-lapse form with a very fast effect," he said. "The vehicle traveled within the specified speed and stopped correctly at the stop signal."

He posted a video on an alleyway in Los Angeles, USA, with an article on "Stop Running Your Brother" on November 22nd. In the video, Park Eun-ji's husband drives the car at a high speed, and Park Eunji, sitting in the pbadenger seat, is screaming at a fast pace.

Park Eunji, who is from MBC weathercaster, appeared in TVN 'Flower Lover' and SBS 'Avatar of Jealousy'. He married a 2-year-old businessman in April and is married in Los Angeles, USA.

Kim Eun Bin reporter [email protected]

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