Sunday , January 17 2021

'Rising' North Lyon, the object of the ARF last year, the opposite of this year

 North Korea Lyon Launches Rumor in ARF Last Year

North Korea's foreign minister, Lyon, is expected to visit Singapore on the occasion of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)

With discussions on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the establishment of a peace regime as the summit, North Korea's Foreign Minister Lee Lee, the head of diplomatic affairs,

Lee's foreign affairs schedule has not yet been released, but it is reported that he is currently coordinating bilateral ministerial talks with at least five or six countries.

In the past year, ASEAN ASEAN and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) announced a joint statement expressing "serious concern" in North Korea's provocations.

At the time, North Korea had been discussing bilateral talks with ASEAN members, but the ASEAN side believed that only the Philippine foreign minister, who was the chairman of the ASEAN Lee

However, the situation is completely different this year.

China and Russia are also seeking to hold a meeting with North Korea on the grounds of coordinating the denuclearization process.

A foreign ministry official said, "The overall atmosphere is different from last year," and "the chairman's statement (which is the outcome of the ARF meeting) supports the North-South and North Korea talks. "

However, there are some observations that it is difficult to achieve concrete results through the statement of the chairman, considering the fact that the North American side has been making a tug of war with denuclearization and declaration of war.

19659003] During this 'foreign diplomacy' in Singapore, Lee's foreign affairs has strengthened bilateral relations with individual countries It is likely to emphasize the legitimacy of the previous declaration and the need to mitigate sanctions on the North.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Lee emphasized North Korea's efforts to implement the North Korea summit agreement, including the dismantling of the missile launch site and the repatriation of the US military in the Korean War.

On the other hand, Mike Pompeo O The Secretary of State is expected to reiterate the need for North Korea's "final and fully substantiated denuclearization" (FFVD).

It is not yet clear whether the summit talks between the two Koreas, North and South Korea,

State Department spokesman Heather Waite said in a regular briefing on Monday (November 31), "North Korea will also attend the same (ARF) meeting,

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa also met with reporters after arriving in Singapore to discuss the North-South Foreign Ministers' "(19659003) (Yonhap News)

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