"Monheim: World Defense Co-operation

Capcom Hunt Hunter Monster: World & # 39; to cooperate with the series & # 39; Wechy Free Downloading.

The renewal is a collaborative effort with the Wechat Series as it was released first in a specific broadcast in the last December. This co-operation will add "Gerold" equipment and weapons to the game as described previously.

Gerhardt, the key of the Wechsler series, will show the story that he has gone through Hunter Monster's World: World, and as well as Gerold, the "Leshen" monster appeared in The Wechscher series has been added as a new monster in the game. Like the original game, you can throw a tree attack, and the player can find out about games in the game that is in the game; Solving the events that happened as a result of Leschen.

In addition to the previously abandoned Gerroth equipment, equipment & Shirai & # 39; to be amazing. Like Gerold, the Siri is given as a set, and the sword can be added to his / her; game too. In addition, Airu Necker's armor equipment was added to expand the range of options.

Monster Hunter: Co-operation events for World and Weir 3 are now available on PS4 and Xbox One, and are available in a special task.

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