Tuesday , March 2 2021

MK News – Yang Ji Won "Idol activity for a long time .. I took a day off for two months"

[매경닷컴 MK스포츠 김나영 기자] Yang Ji Won mentioned unity activities.

MBC Everlon entertainment program "Video Star" broadcasted on the afternoon of 31 "Special feature solo! I alone, "Yoo So-young, Gona Eun, In-heon, Yang Ji-won, and Lee Tae-hee appeared in the second act of life.

On this day, Yang Ji Won reported his feelings of doing idol activities to Unity. He said, "I almost died.

There are ten young people and their friends are really hard. "

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 Photo description Yang Jiwon photo = MBC Everlion video star captures the broadcast

"The schedule was tight for two months and I took a day off. I slept for about two hours, but it was like the idol schedule when I was a rookie. "

Yang Ji-won also said, "Spica was working very hard, but relaxed.

Yang Ji-won said, "I had a mixed life as a girl aged 11 years ago. It was Tiara and Spica, but it was six years ago and I thought I would not do it again. I am the first one in Unity (other members). Children are all good, "he explained. [email protected]

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