MK News – Recovering hyperlipidemia drugs … Stopping up mental decline and decreasing cancer

Researchers report that hipperlipidemic agents are proving an interesting decline and a & # 39; to reduce the size of a tower.

Dr. Kim Jin-soo, researcher at the Atomic Crime Research Institute, was disturbing trastuzumab, cancer treatment was targeted against cancer cells, and atorvastatin, cure for hyperlypemia, and then tomography out of positron (PET / CT) A permanent imagination (MRI) showed that metabolism and glucose measurement in the brain's face lobe had decreased when trastuzumab was administered only, while Trastuzumab and Atorvastatin were managed at the same time He said Thursday. In fact, when mice with trastuzumab and atorvastatin were treated at the same time, the mice were at normal levels, and a cytotoxin analysis showed a brain when trastuzumab was administered, quitokines that stimulate content up 4 -with, At the same time, both met in a large degree and at the highest standard levels.

The team also found that atorvastatin was going to go; deeper attack and increased illness, and decrease the tumor size by 36% compared to the single track administration of Trastuzumab.

The results of the inspection were published online in the 11th February magazine of the Journal of Clinical Medicine, International Famous Cancer Journal.

Authors of this document are as follows: (1) B & # 39; The impact of trastuzumab caused by chemobrain, chemobrain rescue atorvastatin, with the detrimental effects of the production and effectiveness of hair loss. (Co-author, Korean Nuclear Engineering Institute) and Kim Jung-min (University of Korea).

Dr. Jin-Soo Kim, "We hope that the current status of unprofitated cancer treatment will be enhanced by increasing the ability of clinical tests of antibody therapy and arthropoded alpha- sun-lipte,

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