Sunday , January 17 2021

MK News – Park Chan-do, married on December 1 … "The pre-priest, the man who has been consistently strong"

Description of the imageChan-do park wedding photo = Samsung Lions

[MBN스타 대중문화부] The gardener of the Samsung Lions Park Chan-do is getting married.

Park Chan – do and his girlfriend will attend a wedding ceremony at 11:30 am on December 1.

Park Chan-do said: "The future bride is always the one who has always been strong when she is good or when it is difficult". Thank you very much. After the marriage, I will try to show my fans the best way. "

Park Chan-do and the pre-priest met with the acquaintance of the acquaintance and after two years of love, they became the fruit of the couple.

After the wedding, the two go on their honeymoon to Hawaii.

On the other hand, Park Chan-do joined Samsung in 2012 as an adopted player. Online broadcasting team [email protected]

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