Thursday , August 5 2021

'Medical Purpose' is used for hemp … Shin Chang-hyun, initiative of related legislation

The National Assembly raised the opinion that the use of hemp for medical purposes should be legalized.

In addition, Democratic Party lawmaker Shin Chang-hyun said on May 5 that the law on the management of narcotics, which allowed the use of hemp for therapeutic purposes,

The existing law allows for the use of drugs with high toxicity, such as opium, morphine, and cocaine, for medical purposes, except for hemp.

In the form of hemp oil,

According to the new lawmaker, in the first half of last year, 38 cases were detected in Incheon customs for buying hemp oil from overseas

The main component of hemp oil is a cart with no hallucinogenic effects, and a mother who has been treated with hemostatic oil for overseas treatment of his son (4-year-old)

Shin said, "It is known that TBM is a drug that has been proven to be effective against other drugs, such as narcotics, (19659008) [email protected] reporter

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