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Korean figure, Asian trophy season starts … Lee Eun-su senior debut

The Korean figure begins a new season, behind the valuable performance of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Korean figure skaters will participate in the 2018 International Ice Skating Union (ISU) CS Asian Trophy Competition held in Bangkok, Thailand from the 1st to the 5th. In particular, Lee Eun-soo (Han River), one of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games's prospects, will play as a senior representative.

This season is more meaningful than ever since it is the first step of the journey to the Beijing Winter Olympics which will be held four years later. Therefore, new challenges and growth trajectories such as Yoo Young (Kwacheon Jung), Lee Eun Soo, Kim Yehrim (Dojo Jung), which have been regarded as the three most popular prospects in Korea, will be the main points of observation.

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Im Eun Soo takes the first step as Senior
It is Im Eun Soo who is showing the fastest progress among the three people who are aiming at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Eun-Soo Lee made great achievements by participating in the international stage as a junior until last season. She won silver medal and bronze medal four times in the junior grand prix competition. She won the junior world championship 4th place in 2017 and 5th place in 2018.
In Russia's super-strong junior stage, it has proven to be unlikely to go beyond the top five.
In the new season, Eun – soo played a bird nest in the United States. The place he chose was Rafael Artunian coach Nathan Chen, the coach of the men's singles jump genius. Eun-Soo Lee has thoroughly refined new programming and jumping skills in the US during the offseason.

All On Sports, who is in charge of his management, said on February 1, "Eun-Soo Lim's new short program is Somewhere in time, and free skating is film Chicago OST." Shot was choreographed by Jeffrey Bertr, who performed in the All That Skate Ice Show in May, and is a choreographer of Akiko Suzuki, who previously played alongside Kim Yu-na on the international stage. Eun-Soo Lee will open the new season program for the first time through the Asian Trophy.

Eun-Soo Lim was once invited to the Grand Prix fifth round of the Ross Telecom Cup in Russia in November. In particular, Eun – Soo Lim is the youngest contender of the Grand Prix this season.

Yoo Young's acting appearance ⓒ Korean Ice Federation

Yoo Young – Kim Yereim, how much growth
Meanwhile, Yoo Eun and Kim Yee Rim, It is the third season. Both players, like Im Eun-soo, have moved a new nest to the United States and have prepared a new season under Jacques Lacek's coach.

At the Junior Grand Prix event in Taipei on the 22nd of last month, both players released their new season program for the first time. Yoo Young selected free skating 'My Fair Lady' and prepared a program that was intense yet varied and varied. On the other hand, Kim was focused on raising his expressive ability to show himself only as a beautiful and emotional program based on the short program 'Cinema Paradise' and the free skating 'Thais' s controversy'.

Both of the players had a bad season last season. Yoo Young was the first player in the national competition to exceed 200 points and succeeded in recapturing the national championship in two years. However, in both junior grand prix, they all made a huge mistake in the jump and ranked fourth and fifth. In the junior world championship, he fell to the ninth in the jump, and had to accept some disappointing results.

This season, Yoo Young has played with a difficult jump. In the United States, the triple axel jump has been intensively refined. Since last season, Russian and Japanese athletes have succeeded in triple axel and quadruple jumps in four rounds, and it was a big stimulus for swimming. Yoo Young challenges Junior's second season to increase the difficulty of the technique and to reduce the jump mistakes to achieve the first medal.

Kim Il-lim's acting ⓒ Korean Ice Federation

Kim Ee-lim, who played the same age as Lee Eun-soo, chose the Junior Grand Prix stage, which was a pity for two seasons. Kim had a 5th place finish in the Junior Grand Prix for two seasons, but the Junior World Championship never showed up. It was big that I could not do all the skill such as a big mistake in the jump every time I competed.
It seems to be important how much it has been supplemented by moving the place to a foreign country and preparing for the season with a new heart.
In addition to these, preparations for Beijing, such as understanding (Han River), Wai Seo Young (), Dojijoon (Incheon in the middle of the record) is also strong. They participated in two junior grand prix competitions along with Yoo Young and Kim Ikrim. In particular, the companion tied for second in the short program and free skating without ever pointing out the lack of rotation or edge problems in the jump.

On the other hand, Choi Bin (Korea University), who was ranked 7th in the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and succeeded in the Olympic Games top 10, has a short program "Do not Cry For Me Argentina" Carmen) '. Both programs are the work of Japanese choreographer Kenji Miyamoto. Most Bin selected the ISU CS Ondays Nepalese La Trophy tournament in Bratislava, Slovakia, for the first time of the season on September 19th. He is the only Korean player to be invited to two Grand Prix competitions this season.

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