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"Kim Jung Eun Welcome" to university students in front of the citizens of "Kim Jung Eun XX" – Chosun.es


Entry 2018.11.28 17:10
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On the afternoon of the 28th, around 2 pm, at the Hyundai department store in Jungcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, seven college students with blue scarves appeared carrying speakers and a microphone. They presented themselves as "a white praise committee of the student group of the wave wave college students." There was a letter that read "Welcome Kim Jong Eun, welcome visit to Seoul in the year of welcome." "I would like to send a note in the post-it note to welcome Kim Jong-eun's visit to the banner." Members of the Progressive Alliance for Korean University Students (Daejin Yeon), a group of left-wing university students.

In the afternoon of the afternoon, a member of the "Flower Wave College Student Practice Group" is organizing a campaign to welcome Kim Jong-un from North Korea to the seat of the Seoul Metropolitan Government in front of Uplex Sinchon , the Hyundai department store in Seocho-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul.

Several photos were taken together with leaders from North and South in April and September. One member took a microphone and said: "It's an image of a beautiful and beautiful smile on your face". It feels that unification is approaching through three inter-Korean summits. When Kim Jong Eun visits Seoul soon. I wish I could come. "Meanwhile, I shouted," I want you to welcome me (Kim Jong Eun) with an agreement. "

After more than 30 minutes, they approached the citizens pbading by to receive a "welcome message" and delivered a note in the form of a flower. Hong (38), who wrote the message after hearing these stories, wrote: "I wish the North-South unification is fine." He said: "I hope the railroad that connects South and North will open soon." There were only seven citizens who posted messages for more than an hour, including "Come Unity", "ONE LOVE" and "Peace Reunification".

On the afternoon afternoon of the afternoon afternoon of the "Flower Waves College students welcome party," a citizen appeared in a welcome campaign to visit Kim Jong Eun in Shinchon and exclaimed: " Kim Jung Eun is XX. "

A man in his early thirties, around 2:50 p.m., Kill your family Kim Jung Eun appeared in front of the flower camp of the university students with a document written as "XX." The man shouted at the university students: " Is not it shameful to welcome the XX dog of Kim Jong Eun, human rights violators? "He said:" I am a resident neighbor, but when I went through Shinchon, I praised Kim Jong-eun and I ran out of paper at home so angry " .

Citizen Kim (80), who pbaded away, said: "Kim Jong-eun opposed the idea of ​​coming to Seoul and said:" I do not know why university students welcome Kim Jong Eun. Another citizen, Kim (28), said: "I do not think it is wise to welcome Kim Jong Eun, how do you welcome a man who brutally killed his uncle?" "Are not you violating national security laws now?" He said.

The "Flower Wave College Student Practice Group" is an organization that members of the Association of Progressive Students of the University of Korea (Daejin Yeon) created to welcome Kim Jong Eun's visit on the 21st. Kim Dae-jin, co-chair of the Daejin Foundation, said: "I will create an environment in which college students will travel through downtown Seoul and the university campus to welcome Kim." They are also the main promoter of the Baekdu Praise Committee, which held a press conference on Kim Jong Eun's visit to Seoul in Gwanghwamun in Seoul on July 7.

On the other hand, four high school students were campaigning to "protect the orangutan's habitat." "In Indonesia, the oil palm farm is expanding and the orangutan's habitat is being destroyed." Citizens who pbaded the complaining secondary school, the students stopped walking and listened to the students.

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