Hancom "Ever Achievement since its establishment … The sale of 215.8 billion last year"


HANJUNG and COMPUTER (The Chief Executive of Kim Sang-chul, hereinafter referred to as HANCOM), announced the internal income results in 2018 on 19, and received KRW 215.8 billion and profit profits KRW 42.5 one billion.

Based on these accomplishments, it is considered that the Hangul and its Component Group, with 15 supporters, have won over 500 billion for its & the first time in the last year.

Its company also stated that it will pay a share of the W200 of each division to give the highest value to stakeholders as it is achieving their highest salary.

In 2018, HanComm's sales grew 78.1% YoY and 46.7% YoY profit profits. The company, which was received by the end of 2017, has been in & # 39; supporting Sancheong's constant business and Hancom.

Sancheong has posted an operating edge of more than 20% for the third year afterwards, with a sale of KRW990 billion and an active profit of KRW27 billion based on settlement within 2018.

Hancom also earned an operating profit profit of 25%, with the gain of 96.6 billion benefits and a 25 billion business profit, as an extension of the office business to B2B and B2C as well as public market. Not only does the size increase, but also keep the industry, the two rabbits are in the assessment.

However, in order to maintain a rigorous financial structure based on K-IFRS levels, we carried out a conservation measure of the value of our property and the future risks and revealed the decline in our valuation, 39; means the net income of KRW 6.17 billion.

Hancom expected sales in a new business department this year, and, contribute to growth.

It is anticipated that the AI ​​language-oriented and interpreted interpretation service, which the company has made money for over three years, will cooperate with China's excellence to take place this year. In addition to the domestic and overseas projects that were promoted through the Apia Seoul & # 39; Participating in & # 39; Alliance City Convergence Alliance, launched by the government, is hoped that there will be opportunities to participate in the Smart National city national pilot home project.

In addition, Hancom, who has killed a strong market segment in the office market, aims to preserve overseas sales networks that, Focusing on Japan and Germany since last year's last year.

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In addition, Hancom MDS will be educated in December 2018, and it is expected that its company will grow in 2019. HANCOM MDS has achieved the highest sales of KRW159 billion in Related sales in 2018, focusing on basic areas of the fourth business outbreak such as Internet, robots, and devolution address.

Hancom said, "Although there has been a change in net profit for using accounting standards, we will continue to pay a high level of loyalty to increase our accountability and value of the shareholders. Continuing a prestigious domestic business that maintains a sustainable profit structure and creates collaboration between group companies. We will achieve two-digit growth this year. "

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