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'Haas Stone', a student of the 'Doctor Boom Haas Institute' quiz contest begins 1 day

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– Online preliminaries consisting of quizzes made by Haas Stone players from 1st to 3rd August [200000000] – 200 selected by qualifying round, August 18 (Sat)

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., a leader in software development and publishing, announced today that its first smartphone game, Booth's Haas Labs' quiz contest will be held online from Wednesday, August 1 to Friday, and the top 200 will be invited. On August 18 (Sat) at the Blue Square in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, To support the total scholarship of 10 million won.

The Haas Institute of Dr Boom is celebrating Haas Stone's launch of the Boomsday Project ™ on Wednesday, August 8th.

It is a quiz contest named after the genius scientist Dr. Boom who is the protagonist of this expansion pack so that he can issue the problem and answer it.

The "Dr. Boom's Haas Lab" preliminary contest that supports scholarships to reduce the burden of tuition fees for domestic college students is only available to players who have a Korean Blizzard account who has been accredited as a college student by accessing the website of Dr. Boom's Haas Institute The site is available for participation from 1 to 3 days.

Prior to the preliminary contest, about 3,500 of the many ingenious Haast-Stone-related issues were presented in various types during the submission period (July 11-20) where anyone could participate in the Haaston player, . 200 college students who have achieved the highest score during the given time will be invited to the mainline to be held off-line on August 18. In the event of a tie, a participant who finishes earlier will advance first.

The students who participated in the festival will show their knowledge about Haas Stone, and will challenge scholarship of 6 million won for the first scholarship, 3 million won for the second scholarship, 1 million won for the third scholarship, and 10 million won for the scholarship. The winners of the "Dr. Boom's Haas Institute" will be announced on the website of Dr. Boom's Haas Institute on Monday, August 13, Information on participating in the field will be provided soon.

Meanwhile, the "Dr. Boom Boom" project will be available for Windows®, Mac® PCs, Windows®, iOS, and Android ™ tablets and smartphones starting August 8. The 'Doctor Boom's Giant Man Only Project' card pack can be purchased as a Haas Stone Arena bonus, or purchased in-game gold or real money at the same price as other Haas Stone card packs.

In addition, until the release of the expansion pack, you can get special benefits by purchasing the "Dr. The bundle of 50 card packs includes a random Golden Legend Profession card and the back of the Meka Zarac Sush card. The large bundle of 80 card packs includes a random golden legendary pro card and a back of the Meka Zarath Sush card, And a new warlock hero named Mecagarassus, the Eredar Lord of War. Two bundled items, one for each account, regardless of platform, are sold on 50,000 battle coin (PC) and 80,000 battle coin (PC).

More information on the 'Boom Boom Boom Project' can be found on the relevant official page.

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