Sunday , January 17 2021

Experts say "North ICBM manufacturing situation, not surprising"

"Kim Jong-un never promised to cease nuclear / missile production"

The situation in which Pyongyang seems to be secretly manufacturing a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) near Pyongyang has been detected, the Washington Post reported on the 30th (local time) ). Despite reports that North Korea continues to produce intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), US experts have expressed concern over North Korea's denuclearization issues, including North Korea's nuclear weapons program, I do not think the negotiations will have a big impact right now.

Harry Kajianis, head of the Department of Defense research at CNI's "Think Tank", said, "The North has been promising to denuclearize, but it has never promised to shut down nuclear or missile facilities openly.

Kim said that on Jan. 1 this year, Kim Jong-un, the head of the National Defense Commission, will not be able to do anything about the new year's missile development. "In the nuclear weapons research and rocket industry sectors, we must accelerate the mbad production and deployment of nuclear warheads and ballistic rockets (missiles) that have already secured their strength and reliability."

Since then, In the course of a dialogue with Korea and the United States, during the third general meeting of the 7th General Assembly of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee held in April this year, The US and North Korea summit talks were held in a forward-looking manner, promising "a complete denuclearization effort on the Korean peninsula." However, North Korea's nuclear and missile tests

Kajianis said in a Fox News article that "Kim agreed to freeze nuclear and missile production as well as before the summit with President Donald Trump.

In an interview with Reuters, the founder of North Korean specialist Web site '38 North, 'the former Soviet Union and Iran have been negotiating with the United States during the Cold War, "North Korea is unrealistic in its expectation that the agreement will stop the nuclear program before the ink is dry."

Bipin and Professor at the Mbadachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also said through Twitter that "Kim is just doing what he said he would do," he has not broken any promises yet, "

Experts, however, have ordered the US government to speed up its preparations for the next round of talks if it does not want to be involved in the denuclearization talks with North Korea.

Bruce Bennett, a senior researcher at the Rand Institute, said, "Now, North Korea is using pressure tactics to bring about the reduction of sanctions from the United States." North Korea knows that we are watching them.

Prior to this, the Washington Post (WP) said on November 30 (US time) that US intelligence agencies have recently signed an agreement with Pyongyang An badysis of satellite photographs taken at the Sannom copper weapons plant showed that the situation in which one or two ICBMs were manufactured was captured.


US experts say "North ICBM manufacturing situation, not surprising"

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