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EU, Russia 6 companies add material

[아시아경제 조슬기나 기자] The European Union has listed six Russian companies involved in the road and bridge construction project linking the Crimean Peninsula.

According to VOA, Said in a statement released by the companies that Russia has helped illegal occupation of the Crimean Peninsula. The six companies that are subject to sanctions are frozen in badets in the EU and block transactions with individuals and institutions.

Major foreign policy concerns include the construction of roads and bridges between the Crimean Peninsula and Russia, and for the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Crimean Peninsula is the territory of its own territory It was considered a symbol of appeal. The EU criticized these companies and organizations for their role in strengthening Russian dominance in the Crimean Peninsula, saying, "It is an act that undermines Ukrainian territorial sovereignty, sovereignty and independence."

Said the sanctions were aimed directly at the people of the Crimea. A foreign ministry spokesman said it was "a destructive policy" and "interfering with the construction of a new infrastructure in the Crimea."

Russia invaded Crimea after invading the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine in 2014 . The United States, the EU, and others have imposed sanctions on Russia, which is illegal.

Jo Seul Ki, reporter [email protected]


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