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[보건의 달 특집] Smoking and disease prevention

I went into a clear spring path. It is the seasons that stretch out the body and mind though the collar is folded to the cold of spring flowers. But now it is a hope well in the spring of our country that life is full. It affects the health outside the borders of outdoor activities because of a dusty litter that is the spring disaster. The World Health Organization has signed a dustbin as its first carcinogen. Even though airborne air pollution is difficult to avoid air pollution, bills at the government level are not effective. In the end, the other option is the only way to cope with each other's life. The pharmacist's public policy examines the associated diseases and health risk factors that arise from beautiful dust such as hidden breath, cardiovascular, and skin, and review of the preventative and related products. . [편집자 주]

That's a real downturn # 39; there.
It was the first place in the danger category for the death of airborne disease;
This thing is perfect!
Cover your nose, your mouth … "Is it a obvious mask?"
Polluted, miserable eyes, how you do care
I won't get the smooth dust out of my skin.

Recently, dust dust has been added to a force. Not my own; Samhansaon was in this winter just & # 39; Samhang Sami (a word with meaning that four days a week is cold and four days of gentle dust).

Most of us are worried about respiratory illness and heart disease because of a fundamental damage from direct dust, but there are places we look at. Their skin is the largest part of our body. Many people pay attention to the damage caused by the dust.

I have been exposed to danger from skin cancer due to dust dust and how to respond effectively.

Upt Dust can't see; the eyes to atopic democracy and growing old?

Depending on the Basic Law on Environmental Policy Home, the attractive dust depends on its size. Although we use very good dust and dust dust to separate them, there are terms depending on their size.

In general, the light dust is explained by the word PM (Mathan Beallach). PM-10 refers to a dust of sizes of 10 μm or less, and PM-2.5 refers to a dust of sizes of 2.5 μm or less.

PM-10 is the sixth of the thickness of hair, and PM-2.5 is only the eleventh year to the micrrometer.

The elements of small branches are so small that they are too small to be seen, so they stay in the air. When we breathe, it is possible that he goes into the lungs when we leave through the breathing system.

Air quality indicators for dust (PM-10, PM-2.5) have been provided by the World Health Organization (PM-10, PM-2.5) since 1987, and 2013 was the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) even the dust still marked as a carcinogen Group 1 (Group 1), confirmed to be carcinogenic to humans.

However, in addition to respiratory diseases, many people provide easily that a dusty litter can affect skin. Indeed, air pollution, including light dust, often adversely affects patients' health with illness.

A light dust that is absorbed by the body through the skin involves various recyclable materials in skin cells. Researchers at the Catholic University in America found in a paper “dust dust and skin” published in 2014 that dust of dust in air pollution is damaging to an epidermal blockage and doing more nasty. It is noted that the purpose of the dust is the cause of the resurrection.

Dust dust affects the infiltration of neutrophils and eosinophils, increases their immune response, and reduces acidification, and real dust travels as debris of household dust and may be more difficult to achieve atopic acid.

Indeed, in some inspections, 34 children (8%) surveyed found that among 425 children under 5 in 9 secondary schools, they had an atomic democracy amongst 425 children surveyed the relationship between internal dust and t atopic dermatitis. After 7 months, the Eczema Area and Hygiene Register fell from 2.37 to 1.19 and the development of atopic dermatitis has occurred. The average PM10 value decreases from 182.7 μg / m3 to 73.4 μg / m3. The percentage of people decreased from 8% to 7.06%.

In another domestic inspection, the relationship between external microdermatitis and atopic dermatitis was in 22 patients with an average age of 35 months, recognized to have an atypical red eye for 18 months, higher than those with no bitter dorsal marks at the time of the inspection.

Specifically, when the PM10 went out with 1μmg / m3, the symptoms of atopic badge increased by 0.44% the next day with PM2.5 increasing 1μmg / m3, and 39; the signatures of the atopopic amopop the next day 0.67%.

Chan e atopy is no skin illness. Recent epidemiological studies have also shown that a link to dust dust is directly linked to the growth of his skin, which becomes oxygen and colored spots.

The process of making a dusty dust causes poor skin and damage

European studies have shown that dust remains linked to the conspicuous creation of a transparent 400 white European women aged 70 to 80 years ago. In France, it is reputed that light dust can give color spots to the skin.

The dust dust is thought to flow through the hair fur and reach the deeper part where the melanocytes are present, spreading polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are pressed on the dust surface. therefore, affecting the activity of skin cells and causing full spots

Here dust dust produces active oxygen in the mitochondria and damages the mitochondria, which act as a mediator for chemicals and organic metals, which can reduce reduction t collagen and poor elevation, moving to skin growth. A benefit is reducing collagen and increasing pollution, which causes harmful skin damage.

In addition, those with sensitive skin may develop a particular skin disorder or feel that they are burnt or depressed.

Those with skin problems should be more sensitive to dust. Psoriasis or injection, which is a persistent recurrent disease, can produce symptoms. If this prevents fine poles of the skin, your skin's fever rises and loses worse hair.

◇ If no real dust is avoided, protect your skin with a protective film.

First, less dust is likely to have less effect on reducing exposure to dust. To control skin diseases, efforts should be made to reduce external dust contact and reduce the amount of internal dust dust.

It's good to be going out of the day on which there is a lot of hard dust. If you need to go out, you have to wear a mask and wear a hat or scarf so you don't need to dust some inside your skin.

After leaving, you should wash your face. Notably, since good random grains draw in deep into the skin, it is difficult to completely remove them by simple cleaning.

For this reason, removing the pollution from abroad has also been eliminated more carefully than by normal cleaning and clearing out the amount of dust that is attached to your skin at the time of its skin care.

In the case of hair, sweat sweat, sebum and other unique waste, a hard walk in which more dust remains on the hair. Especially for men, the use of cosmetics such as waxes and sprays makes it more attractive for light dust. For this reason, it's important to put your head in mind when you think that it will escape any pollution of your skin.

If you feel you are burning or stigmatizing against you, it can help a lot to deal with fast-moving drugs that improve the skin condition. Especially, chemical companies have been responding to market demand by distributing pharma goods or skin drugs.

They include “Sukinberia Cream” and “Skin Daily Lotion” 0.5%, “Bongsong Cream” of “Taegeuk Pharmaceutical” and “Yuri Cream” from Hanmi Pharm. Many of these results will help to digest the skin through urea.

Cream Skinveria Cream and Skin Daily Lotion try to stop consumers throwing their expenses through drugs, not drugs. It is a strength of atopic dermatitis, dryness, cosmetic and other skin marks.

For example, the moisture content of skin barriers is effective and it is effective for skin problems such as atopic democracy and dry skin (dry skin), and it is effective in the development of an atopic acid acid through the urea.

There are lots of gannets like squalane, vaseline, lecithin and tocopherol to protect the skin and to keep dry skin dry.

Lotion Skin Daily is a general medicine that can be used for propagation, eczema, and dermatitis. This is the most common steroid injection used in various skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, dermatitis seborrheic and communication dermatitis. It can be used from childhood to age.

In particular, it can be safely and safely deployed to a wide or historic place such as the brute, its arms, legs, or dampness through the bundle and the formation of a separation that can be seen in the expensive shop, not t with the bag.

If it is not controlled by a medicine in the pharmacy, if the face is severely caused by dust or acne, if the pots are piled up at the old man's door, the pots will be potted. expand, or if the dust remains unclean into the skin of a skin and grow dead, If you go to treatment and treatment properly, you can improve your condition.

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