Tuesday , March 2 2021

[오늘의개봉] 'With God 2', today (1 day) opening … Will the first twenty-first movie ever be filmed?

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[OSEN=장진리 기자] This summer 's best – anticipated movie' With God – In and Yeon 'finally comes to the screen.

'With God – Yin and Yang' (Director Kim Yong Hwa) will meet the audience today (1 day).

"With God – Cause and Shoot" is a sequel to the first full episode of "Together with God – Sin and Punishment." The last three trials that preceded the final trial of reincarnation met with a saint, Lee, Seung-seung, and a story about a secret kite lost across the past. With the first full-length movie "Sin and Punishment", 14.4 million viewers were mobilized, and the number of Korean movies was ranked second in the past.

'With God – Yin and Yang' attracts attention with a successful sequel to Korean film history. The second part cleverly retrieves a lot of story pieces scattered from one side to the other, as well as puzzles, and also opens up possibilities for the third and fourth side. "With God – Causation and Care" is a must-see film in that it closes the door most effectively and opens three or four other doors to the world of new gods.

The trial of Kim Soo-hong (Kim Dong-wook), who became the 49th nobleman of the third temple after Kim Ja-hong (Cha Tae-hyun), is just one of the outcrops of "with God. The real stem of "with God – In and Kyeon" is the past of Sang – Sa – sa, who continues the trial of Kim Soo – hong and reveals the truth one by one as the mystery is released. If 'sin and punishment' concentrates on the sins and punishments of Kim Ja-hong, 'With God – Causation and Kinship' is a way to solve the mystery of the past relationship of the inferiority of Asan, like the title of '

Jaejoong – Ji Ji Hoon – Kim Ji – gi came back stronger, who led the 'thousand and over' of 'Sin and Bee' with 'God'. Here, the joining of 'Seongjusin' Ma Dong Seok, who knows the past of the third sister, made the 'Avengers' with 'God and Soul'. The relationship between the characters accumulated in the first part reaches the second part and exerts the power of the narrative. But I do not lean on tears or laughter to unravel the story. Sinpa is a virtue of decreasing the number of narratives and attractions.

'With God – In and Yeon' has reached 700,000 copies in advance of the opening day and achieved the highest record of the previous Korean film dictionary. It is overwhelmingly high compared with the collection of 9,996 preliminary audiences at 10:00 am on the day before the opening ceremony "With God – Sin and Punishment". It is expected that more than 10 million people will be able to surpbad the audience with 14.4 million viewers after receiving the attention of hot audiences before the opening.

Now, with 'God – Cause and Burn', the audience gets a second report card by opening. 'With God – Yin and Yeon' is one of the greatest success stories in the history of Korean cinema.


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