Konami is turning Frogger into a game show for NBC’s Peacock

Konami is capitalizing on the Frogger brand for a new reality competition series for Peacock, NBC Universal’s streaming service. The classic arcade game will suit the TV show. Frogger, described as a “fierce and ridiculously fun competition” in which contestants compete on 12 themed obstacle courses. And yes, that includes dodging “treacherous traffic.”

According to a press release, Frogger Contestants will also have to “jump on hungry alligators and hippos to conquer the field.” Presumably, those wild animals will be simulated as part of a relatively safe obstacle course on the line of Clean up, The most extreme elimination challenge, Y American Ninja Warrior – partly because Peacock introduces his new game show as a wild and whimsical world of Frogger “.

Frogger is being produced by Eureka Productions. Other shows from the production company include ABC Holey moley and Netflix’s Dating around. Thirteen hour-long episodes of Frogger have been ordered.

The original Frogger It was developed by Konami and released in arcades by Sega and Gremlin in 1981. The game forces players to guide a family of frogs through a dangerous five-lane highway and an equally treacherous river. Frogger has spawned dozens of sequels and spin-offs in the past five decades, the most recent Frogger in Toy Town for Apple Arcade from developer Q-Games.

Frogger had a short-lived television presence in the early 1980s, thanks to Saturday Supercade, an animated series featuring Konami’s famous frog alongside Donkey Kong, Q * Bert, and Pitfall Harry. In Saturday Supercade, Frogger was a reporter for The Swamp Gazette, chasing stories and avoiding threats like alligators and traffic.

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