Know Rahul Kohli, the actor behind the Loving Chef of Belly Manor with a big mustache

On Twitter, Rahul revealed that he loves making playlists for the characters he is portraying. For example, Owen’s playlist includes several 80s hits (appropriate for the era) and love songs, which bring him into the right mindset.

“A lot of them had to do with love. Lost love, or being in love with someone and not being able to communicate it properly,” he told Vulture. “Obviously, everyone can relate – whether it’s high school, or when you’re older – to know that the person you’re looking at could possibly be the love of your life. And you’re together in this Can achieve an incredible future. ” This is not happening. It’s just not happening. I felt that Owen, in that time period, would be his release to throw something at “pop”. “

Nobody cares, but I like to make playlists for the characters I’m portraying. I usually start picking songs during the presentation that I will listen to throughout the shoot. Here was Owen’s playlist play. #TheHauntingofBlyManor

– Rahul Kohli (@ Rahul Kohli 13) October 12, 2020