Knicks offensive revival caused by this officer –

Knicks offensive revival caused by this officer


Instantly, Jarrett Jack understood everything he had heard.

The exaggeration was justified. The buzz was confirmed.

The Georgia Tech freshman entered Madison Square Garden for the first time 15 years ago, to face Marist, and left with a memory that still makes the 34-year-old smile look like a kid.

Now, in his ninth stop in the NBA, he is amazed that it is his home.

"You know how they always like everyone, & # 39; The Garden this, the Garden that & # 39 ;, but as soon as I walked on the court I was like, that feeling, I understand it now," said Jack . "The atmosphere is something that makes you stay a little more locked in. Maybe it's the lights, with that type adjustment [theatrical] you have, maybe it's [the people] sitting next to the court." Maybe it's that outrageous crowd. and scandalous that takes you back to the environment of high school, sometimes.

"I'm getting used to it, but it does not get old. Every time I go out and listen to the "Dun Dun Dun", the clbadic things that play over the public address system … my brother and I are sitting all the time, like I can not believe we become a part of this. You've seen Madison Square Garden in movies, sports, concerts, and that's why [to] being in a place where you work is amazing. "

Jarrett Jack leads the Knicks in offensive clbadification (109.9) and is second in net clbadification ( 4.0). Getty Images

Jack's first season with the Knicks, his 13th in the league, has quietly helped the building reach its potential again, originally a candidate to be removed from the list crammed into This time of the season, the veteran point guard has been much more vital than the Knicks had anticipated in signing him in September.

Entering Sunday's game against the Magic at the Garden, Jack is ranked 16th in the league at badists (5.9), 11th in the proportion of badists rotation (3.53) and second in proportion of NBA attendance (43.0), which measures the percentage of individual possessions of a player that ends in an attendance 19659002] Knicks, meanwhile, are fifth in the league in badists per game (23.4), after placing in 19th and 26th place, the two previous seasons.

"When I got here I calculated the alignment of the guys I was playing with … [and] call someone inside those five, to say something like, 'Hey, I can not try to get into the offensive & # 39;

"I have to sacrifice myself for everyone's improvement and it has been productive for us," said Jack, following the Saday practice. "I'm fine with just setting the table, understanding my role and knowing what has been great. and positive for the team.

"I just try to be an extension of the coach that wants it to happen, and I try to convey it as best I can to the guys and maintain the consistency of offense and defense, as well as the team's morale. … I think it's my job to establish the template and keep it as balanced as I can. "

If it were not for the fact that Jack is limited to 34 games in the last two seasons for injuries, coach Jeff Hornacek believes the guard might not have been available.

"Jarrett had many good years and injuries slowed him down," Hornacek said. "He has a great basketball mind and makes things right, and he calls them early enough so that the guys know what we're doing early, he's gotten into that position as leader and point guard and did a great job."

Particularly when leading a list with so many new pieces, including Enes Kanter, Tim Hardaway Jr., Doug McDermott, Frank Ntilikina and Michael Beasley. [19659002] "He helps everyone a lot," Kanter said. "He helps the shipowners a lot, he helps the big guys a lot … It's amazing helping me, every time I'm on the court and I forget the set, he knows everything."

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