Knicks fend off 2-time All-Star Andre Drummond’s competitors

The New York Knicks didn’t do anything significant on Thursday’s trade deadline, but there is a great player available that they could aggressively pursue. After an incredible comeback win over the Washington Wizards, the Knicks showed their resilience, which could be attractive to a two-time All-Star like Andre Drummond.

Drummond was bought by the Cleveland Cavaliers because they couldn’t find a business partner and will reportedly “hear pitches” from various teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers and Knicks.

Cleveland benched Drummond weeks ago in hopes of finding a business suitor, but with his massive $ 28.8 million salary, teams weren’t willing to bite into a contract that size. He’s in the final year of a five-year, $ 127.2 million deal, and at just 27 years old, he still has a lot of quality basketball left.

This season, he is averaging 17.5 points, 13.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.6 deals and 1.2 blocks in 25 appearances. He is a consistently double-double player who has a fantastic presence in the paint and consistently blocks shots at a high pace.

The New York Knicks are on the run:

The Knicks, however, have competition from several major teams with star players. New York is still rebuilding itself and looking for suitable pieces to add to its puzzle of interesting players. They are a dominant force for being an above-average team that can beat playoff-caliber squads, but recently lost twice to the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers.

The problem that Drummond could generate in New York is the presence of Mitchell Robinson and Noel Nerlens. Head coach Tom Thibodeau worries that it could upset their chemistry, and he’s completely fine with the current squad of players they have. I’d say Noel, who signed a one-year, $ 5 million deal with the Knicks last offseason, could be dating next year. If the Knicks acquire Drummond and extend him long-term, they can quickly replace Noel and begin to develop a new chemistry with Andre and the five starters.

Having an elite presence on the inside that is also a physical defender at the point of attack would be stellar, and with Robinson rapidly approaching the end of his contract, having a player like Drummond locked up could be seen as a huge advantage.

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