Kirkx Cameron acted against ‘Mask Gestapo’ on Newsmax after holding Maskmax Caroling Protection

After hosting two masked Christmas caroling second events to protest COVID-19 bans in Southern California this week, former child artist Kirk Cameron appeared on NewsMax on Wednesday night, where he labeled those who took his actions Told “Mask Gestapo” to criticize. “

Beginning with a variety of jokes, Cameron said, “You know, we’ve all heard The mask singer And it is quite raging, but ever since we started these Christmas peaceful protests, I have lovingly dubbed the Beparda singer and stirred up all sorts of anger. “

After complaining that the news about the coronavirus epidemic, which has led to nearly capacity ICUs in Los Angeles and other parts of the state, has become “so severe and so dark”, Cameron said he would ” Asha “was trying to deliver through Christmas songs.

The anchor of Newsmax said, “Obviously you have a lot of supporters, which you are doing, like a lot of people are.” “But to be fair, you got your own fans, and a lot of people are saying that you’re helping spread the disease and you’re making things worse. How would you respond to them?”

Cameron accused the “press” of painting a picture of what we are doing that is really happening.

“I’m not Dr. Fauci, I’m no health expert, so I consult doctors,” he said, pointing to the theory that the “psychological harm” of the epidemic can be far worse than that of coronovirus Are “and this is” immunity in the community and destruction in isolation. “

“I’m not a mask police,” he announced. “This is America. We should not monitor a mask jeppo and a distance when people are becoming adults, they are not children. “

“They can make choices for their own health,” Cameron, who proudly describes himself as “pro-life,” added, when it comes to other medical options, those “adults.” Adults who have made different choices to spread the disease to their neighbors while ignoring the ability of “adults”.


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