Kirk Herbstreit on Trevor Lawrence’s Tweets, CFB Issues Regarding COVID-19

Herbie has two sons in the Clemson football team

Clemson quarterback
Trevor Lawrence The ‘WeWantToPlay’ campaign has recently attracted the attention of the college football world and even President Donald Trump on social media.

ESPN college football commentator Kirk Herbstreit thought Lawrence, Darren Rencher, and others had helped integrate the game between players.

“I think it’s great that in the last week or so the players in college football have had a chance to make their voices heard, whether it’s social media or to integrate seamlessly from the Pac-12, the Big Ten got together. , And now it seems like you said Jay, last night they all came together, “he said.

Herbstreit understands that everyone is concerned about safety issues about the COVID-19 epidemic.

“I think there are different issues that they all want to address, the main thing is to make sure their safety is the primary focus, which I think everyone I’ve talked to is probably in the better direction Moving on to where they were. “

Herbstreight believes that most of the power in college football is of the five conference commissioners who are primarily looking for their own conferences.

“I think administrators are sometimes put in a bad light, where I think they are trying to figure this out,” he said. “One thing I’ve clearly noticed is that it’s easy to say that there is a lack of leadership. The reality is in college football, without a commissioner and without the NCAA being able to control the rules or whatever. Decisions can be made, you are basically five leaders in college football, the power five conference commissioner. And they are all concerned about their constituents, their presidents, their fans, so it’s hard to get everyone on the same page because They are all working with their own agendas and their own set of issues and problems, and maybe the Pac-12 they are facing is different than the Big Ten and SEC. So sit out and It is easy to say why these people are not making good decisions, because they are not worried about the collective body, they are worried about their conference. “

Safety issues regarding players and students on campus are a complex issue for a school’s management.

“The health of the players is clear,” he said. “Testing, and can we get better testing and more testing. How about trying to figure out where the contract tracing is, how do you draw the line with it when these players start going to class, and If a player turns positive, how do you decide who is within six feet of the player who is now positive for more than 15 minutes? Can you imagine Alabama vs. Ohio State vs. Texas A&M vs. Florida State? Is everyone going to go by the same rules? I think the idea of ​​saying that people don’t want college football, everybody wants college football, but how are you coming into the data and logically, you How will you try to pull it off? Where are people going to test? Positive, it’s just going to happen, and what do you do, how do you control when they test positive? I think it’s the big hang. -Up is, the obligation that hangs over the heads of all these decision makers. “


Kirk Herbstreit on Trevor Lawrence's Tweets, CFB Issues Regarding COVID-19
Kirk Herbstreit on Trevor Lawrence’s Tweets, CFB Issues Regarding COVID-19
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