Kirby Smart reports on golf game comments on Jeremy Pruitt

Looks like we got some beef between the two SEC Eastern coaches, as Kirby Smart and Jeremy Pruitt are calling each other. Not on the transfer decision of their teams or Cad Meyers. The two were talking about each other’s golf game.

Speaking to the media, Pruitt got things for the first time on Thursday. Questions of competitive advantage with SEC coaches arose and Pruitt called Smart’s golf game.

According to Mike Wilson of the Knoxville News Sentinel, “Every time I’ve played golf with Kirby Smart, he’s the only person who always finds his ball in the woods.”

Smart fired back hours later, tweeting that he does not play with golfers who have a 25+ handicap.

Smart and Pruitt have spent years working closely with Nick Saban’s staff in Alabama, so it may be somewhat fickle by both coaches. Smart took over as head coach at Georgia in 2016 and Prit held his old position as defensive coordinator at Alabama.

Since arriving in Tennessee after the 2017 season, Pruitt has added several Georgia elements to the Tennessee program. Pruitt has hired Georgia assistants such as Kevin Sherrer and former Georgia offensive coordinator Jim Channi.

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Then in January of this year, Mains announced his transfer to Tennessee, which has become a very controversial discussion between the two fan bases. The NCAA, however, ruled that Meyers would not be eligible for the season, although volunteers are appealing the decision.

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Georgia and Tennessee play each other on October 10 in Athens, Ga. This season, the third game of the season for both teams. Georgia has won the last two matchups with Pruitt, including a 43–14 win last season at Knoxville.

Hopefully in the offseason, Smart and Prit see each other on the golf course and can decide who is the better golfer between the two.

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