Kingdom Hearts III launches the new EP that includes the theme "Face My Fears"

credit // Square Enix

The launch of Kingdom Hearts III is just around the corner (although we know that most of you will not believe it until you have the game in your hands), but Square Enix is ​​increasing the game's hipetrain by dropping the original track of the game "Face My Fears" of artists Utada Hikaru Y Skrillex.

"Face My Fears" is the soundtrack of the opening movie of the game, which is designed to configure players for game events. "Face My Fears" is available today in Japanese and English as part of EP "Face my fears", which also includes "Do not Think Twice," which is another hint for the game written by Hikaru.

Fans with access to PSVR can also watch the upcoming Hikaru concert experience, while they are at it.

You can watch the trailer for the opening movie to listen to the track below.

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