King Of The Monsters At $ 13M Overseas In 2 Days; $ 150M Bow Eyed – Deadline

Warner Bros / Legendary's Godzilla: King Of The Monsters started thrashing about overseas on Wednesday, taking $ 12.7M from approximately 16,500 screens in 51 markets through Thursday. Openings in Asia (outside Korea) are so far, and predictably, the best results with No. 1s in several. Europe is not crushing on the creature feature in early play, however, and the revised projected weekend at the international box office now looks closer to $ 150M than the $ 170M- $ 190M the industry saw ahead of the session. Latin America is still to weigh in. In like-for-like markets, but unadjusted for exchange rate fluctuation, 2014's Godzilla Bowed to $ 140M.

Not included in the total above is the early China flash from today which Legendary East has coming in at an estimated $ 18M (RMB 124.5M). The movie is a solid No. 1 in the Middle Kingdom and has a combined $ 21.8M (RMB 150.9M) including sneaks through Friday. The figures are above 2014's Godzilla (+ 94%). China has the Children's Day holiday on Saturday which could help boost play. Nevertheless, the opening weekend looks closer to $ 70M for the three-day.

The swing on this movie was always about China, although we understand the recoup in the market will be the standard 25%. The Michael Dougherty-directed mash kicked off in the Middle Kingdom with a solid 9 score on ticketing platform Maoyan, but you've dipped to an 8.8 today. Japan, which has a discount ticket tomorrow, will also be key to play.

One market where Godzilla is perhaps more irate than usual has to be Korea in which he's being pummeled by Cannes Palme d'Or winner Parasite. The running cume for the monsters is $ 752K through the first two days (Wednesday and Thursday) there. Per Kobiz today, the movie was No. 4 on Friday with an estimated cume of about $ 1M. Parasite is at $ 8.7M through Friday and is still topping the local box office by a mile (also over Aladdin at No. 2). This is a market that does not typically overindex on Hollywood creature features, however, and the Parasite phenomenon was not foreseeable.

Elsewhere, the King is beating its main comps of Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island in some markets The UK bowed on a non-traditional Wednesday where I generated an estimated $ 837K on 490 screens (two-day cume is $ 1.5M). The launch score is 8% above Kong: Skull Island but still relegates the movie to No. 4 amid strong competition (Aladdin, Rocketman, Secret Life Of Pets 2) and under sunny skies.

Taiwan on Wednesday was the next best start at $ 704K from 320 screens with a 73% share of the Top 5 films and surpbading Skull Island by 22%. In two days, Godzilla You've grasped $ 1.2M.

Indonesia had to $ 585K start on Wednesday from 727 screens for the No. 2 position. The launch doubled Godzilla and Skull Islandas well as San Andreas. The running two-day tally is $ 1.5M.

Russia bowed Thursday to $ 574K from 2,982 screens, ranking No. 2. That's on par with Skull Island.

The beast ranked No. 3 in Germany on Thursday with an estimated $ 569K from 852 screens for 33% over Skull Island. Including previews, the running cume is $ 806K.

Thailand on Thursday gave the monsters to No. 1 start with $ 550K from 705 for 8% ahead of the previous Godzilla and 15% over Skull Island.

France launched at No. 2 with $ 507K from 613 screens (including previews) and has a two-day total of $ 1.3M.

Malaysia You have cumed $ 630K through two days at No. 1; Australia gave the pic to No. 3 start on Thursday with $ 307K from 378; Hong Kong also had a No. 1 debut with $ 255K from 76; and Italy is a No. 2 Thursday launch with $ 190K on 486 – the latter bested Skull Island by 14% and have a cume with previews of $ 216K.

An additional 24 markets open today, that includes China and Japan, as well as Latin America. The latter should read, but Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and the three-headed King Ghidorah have stiff competition in the family-friendly market from holdover Aladdin. A total of 75 markets will be open through today.

We'll be back with more throughout the weekend.

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