King George Martin is not allowed a backyard castle

Martin stands outside a palace, which, sadly, is not in his backyard.

Photo: Liam McBurn – PA Images (Getty Images)

George RR Martin has done well for himself. author of a song of Ice and Fire Saw his already acclaimed books Customized One of the most popular TV shows in recent history. even though Its end sucked And even though he Writing never ends His series, Martin will always be known for making it one of the best-Love the fantasy world to this day. He said that in a cautionary tale about the power Martin had brought, neighbors turned on Ol ‘George and laid siege to his plan to build an honest-to-dev castle behind his house.

The daily mail, An outlet we can always depend on to tell us when a celebrity wants to build a backyard palace, Report Martin is trying to get a “Gothic-style” fortress, with a “permanent-free library” built as an extension of the “Santa Free”, New Mexico home.

The palace is built with “stone walls, battlements and 27-foot towers”. The style is inspired by the ‘defensive fortifications’ seen in medieval fortresses and the ‘mysterious places’ associated with ‘churches’.‘A hint of the exotic ‘from Moorish architecture’, which is a strange detail, given that the palace of any kind is down in suburban New Mexico, is beautiful by virtue of its qualities. Despite working to include architectural features from Santa Fe’s “most famous wars, towers and historic sites,” Martin’s neighbors wrote letters of complaint and the city’s Historical Design Review to argue against approving their plans Had a board meeting.

The vice chair of the review board said, “This is a medieval palace and I don’t understand how we can accept it.” Neighbors also argued that “[Martin’s] Fans will find our neighborhood a “turning” palace [into a] Treasure Hunt. “A community letter also clarified that, with the design changes,” the fact that the proposed building is still a major Castle in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Santa Fe. “

The recently rejected application was only the latest of Martin’s attempts to get the item manufactured, and the article states that he can submit the amendment in 15 days. We say that the man must have a palace if we ever want him to finish writing his series. Perhaps he needs to walk the battles at night, or to stare in the flames of a big basket to get the inspiration he needs. And, if nothing else, maybe she can also make herself an old-fashioned comfort gaol Locked in As an extra bit of motivation if all else fails.

check out The daily mailOf Full Story For more details and amazing blueprints of the castle that can never happen.

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