Kim says that North Korean efforts will focus on ‘getting on their knees’ to the US.

North Korean leader Kim Jong UnKim Jong Un Iranian – and Internal – Threat to the US Trump’s political career is over North Korea. Kim acknowledges failure in addressing for ruling party Said that the nation’s activities should focus on its “arch-enemy” the United States, “getting on its knees”.

The country’s state media (KCNA) reported on Saturday that Kim made the remarks when he addressed the 8th Congress of Workers’ Party of Korea, NBC News. The leader reportedly spoke for nine hours.

Kim said, “Our external political activities should focus on our arch-enemy and our revolutionary development, a basic hindrance to America.” He said, “This effort will focus on bullying and getting them on their knees.” ”

Kim also threatened to expand the country’s nuclear arsenal.

Kim said that regardless of who is in the White House, “America’s true nature and its fundamental policies towards North Korea never change.”

Kim has reportedly listed several weapon systems under development. The Associated Press reported citing the KNCA, Such as multi-warhead missiles, underwater nuclear missiles and solid-fueled long-range missiles. However, it is unclear how widespread North Korea’s weapons systems are.

Comments come in the form of presidential elections Joe BidenJoe Bidenas judge blocked Trump administration restrictions on asylum eligibility McConnell broadcasts procedures for Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial Trump saves top official, then says to reissue resignation letter for departure The oath will be taken on 20 January. Biden vows to take a tough stand against Kim.

During Presidential debate In October, Biden exploded President TrumpDonald Trump McConnell broadcasts procedures for Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial, suggests Twitter to build its own platform after the ban Poll: 18 percent of Republicans support Capitol riots To call Kim a “thug” like a “good friend”. Biden At the time, he said that if he meets Kim “he will agree that he is reducing his nuclear capacity.”

In the past, Trump has deferred his friendship with the dictator, and the two have held several meetings. However, recently the relationship between Trump and the North Korean leader has cooled.


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