Kim Kardashian mocks the 2017 Christmas card of the family in a completely new way – PHOTOS –

Kim Kardashian mocks the 2017 Christmas card of the family in a completely new way – PHOTOS


On the heels of the recent festive episode of her family's popular reality show, Kim Kardashian West, an entrepreneur and creator of social networks, has begun to share pieces of her family, the much commented annual family holiday card in Kardashian, on Twitter. In its first publication on Friday, December 1, the star of reality included a legend that triggered a 25-day revelation, which caused some fans to go crazy about the potential of almost a full month of diaries Kardashian said in a tweet published a few hours before sharing the first image, featuring an adorable baby Saint. West standing next to a box of Christmas gifts. It is appropriate that the first image shows Saint, since this is the first time it appears on the family's Christmas card.

As you may remember, the Kardashian family began their tradition of Christmas cards in the 80s, and during the last decade, their exaggerated Christmas photos have regularly appeared in the headlines around the world. However, during the last few years, the family has occasionally opted not to publish an annual Christmas photo. For example, last year after Kardashian's traumatic stealing in Paris, as well as the hospitalization of her husband Kanye West, it is understandable that the family chose not to participate in an elaborate seasonal photo shoot.


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In addition, the previous year, in 2015, the Kardashian also skipped the decadent holiday photographic tradition and made a more minimal take of only the four youngest members of the famous family. – Mason, Penelope and Reign Disick, along with North West. Saint was just a newborn baby when the card was thrown, and he did not appear in the photo that was probably taken before he was born.

As for this year, yes, things are changing. It is a fully moved Kardashian to disseminate a holiday photo revealed over the course of three and a half weeks, but if the first shots are an indication of what is to come, then the fans could have two dozen more lovable images to look forward to. Check out the first picture with Saint:


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In November, Kardashian talked about his photo shoot during an appearance at ] The Late Late Show . "This year's Christmas card is rolled very casually," Kardashian explained to host James Corden, according to People . "We are doing some jeans and T-shirts, really nice, all the children and so difficult to put together"

As you can see in Saint's picture, as well as in the second piece of the picture posted on Twitter on December 2, showing North and the middle parts of two other family members, Kardashian did not lie about the informal atmosphere of the photo.


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It is not clear who exactly the other two people are in the shot. The vision of platinum blonde hair suggests that the person on the left might be the platinum blonde Kim K, and the one on the right looks like Kourtney, although it could possibly be Kendall Jenner. It seems we'll have to wait until we see more of the full picture before we can be sure.

While at The Late Late Show Kardashian also dropped another clue on her 2017 Christmas card saying: "They are women and children this year." That means there is no Kanye West, Rob Kardashian or Scott Disick.

Choosing to let children star in a Christmas card is always a good move, because who does not like to see adorable photos of children? Especially considering that the famous family is going to be a little bigger in the next few years with several members of the Kardashian-Jenner family who are supposedly waiting.

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