Kim Kardashian jointly signed by the lawyer who worked with her father in the Simpson trial

Robert Shapiro said that once she pbades the bar, he can work on his signature.

He was a member of O.J. The Simpson legal dream team that helped free the former NFL star from double murder charges, and now Robert Shapiro is sending love and support to Kim Kardashian. The lawyer worked closely with Kim's father, Robert Kardashian, during Simpson's trial in the 1990s and the two men were good friends, so when TMZ He asked the famous lawyer about his thoughts on Kim's current legal aspirations, he had nothing but kind words for her.

"Once I get through the bar, I'll always have a job at my law firm," Shapiro said as he left the E Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills. "I think she will be a sensational lawyer, look what she did with the president of the United States, she got someone out of jail, I think it will be great." When asked if Kim would be taken seriously or not as a lawyer, Shapiro said: "It's going to be a very difficult and long process for her, to do it the way she is doing it. I wish you the best of luck. "

"A year ago, he told me that he was planning to do this, so it is very serious and I hope he succeeds … I only know another person who could pbad the bar the way he is doing without going to the Faculty of Straight." Even so, he tilts his hat to the star of reality. "I give credit to anyone who wants to continue their education [and] Try to do something you have never done and be challenged, and I hope you succeed. "

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