Kim Kardashian calls Ray J a "pathological liar" –

Kim Kardashian calls Ray J a "pathological liar"

Kim Kardashian West is talking.

Hours after the British departure Sun He reported that his ex-boyfriend Ray J allegedly made bold claims about his badual history during a night in London earlier this week, the reality star jumped in line to badess the situation.

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In response to a fan who wrote that the singer's admissions apparently showed that "he is suffering from low self-esteem," Kardashian wrote that he thought it was a sign of something completely different.

"Or it shows that he is a pathological liar", she wrote of his ex, with whom he was in a badual video of 2003, adding three emojis of laughter.

Showing that he did not mind the report, he wrote: "Do you really believe this story? It's too funny for me!

During the night, Ray J stated that Kardashian West was demanding when it came to being intimate, Sun informed

"Kim and I had fun times – marathon sessions. But she did not like to sweat and would stop to put on makeup if she did, "she remarked, according to the exit." She liked to look stupefying during bad, the right lighting and the environment. "It was wild, there was a red trunk of toys of Louis Vuitton. "

A representative of Ray J did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comments.

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During a recent interview, Kardashian West revealed that her husband Kanye West had been warned not to go out with her through the bad tape.

"We've been through a lot of things together, you know, I've known him for 15 years, he became friends with him maybe like in 2006, 2007. I knew him in how [2002 or 2003]. I've known him forever. He has confronted the world for me when everyone said to him, "You can not go out with a girl with a bad tape, you can not go out with a reality girl, this will ruin her career." Everyone told him that, "he told Van Jones during an interview at To be awakened to vote.

Fortunately, the rapper did not listen.

"For me, he was like," Oh, you're not going to tell me what to do, I'll let you know it's going to be fine. " And he was always that strength for me. So I will always love him and appreciate him for always defending me, "added the 38-year-old mother of three children.

Ray J married Princess Love in August 2016.

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