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The Swifties were NOT happy when Kim Kardashian shaded Taylor Swift with a flashback photo of "Famous & # 39; Fans responded by swarming their Instagram with rat emojis!

As we are all painfully aware, Kim Kardashian 33 and Taylor Swift 27, are not the biggest fanatics of each other. Recently, the star Keeping Up With The Kardashians published a throwback to the music video "Famous" by Kanye West also known as the video of the song that started the Kimye / Taylor contest. Obviously, mentioning the source of the drama was seen as a mbadive dissent directed at the singer of "Look What You Made Me Do," and the Swifties came out with all their might to defend their queen. Check out the social networks about the long enmity of Kimye and Taylor here!

Just as Kim's allies sent Taylor emails with snake emojis after Snapchat's videos of Taylor's infamous phone call with Kanye were published, Tay fans chose an animal image to flood Kim with. His Instagram comments now contain an overwhelming amount of rat emojis, because, of course. But hey, Kim has been rocking a lot lately, courtesy of her husband's next Yeezy collection: maybe she turns the creature into a new shaded merchandise. Hey, if Taylor can hug the snake images, why not? You can see an image of how Kim Instagram looks today.

While Kim apparently shaded Taylor recently, it could be a belated response to the TSwift diss tracks published in last month. His theme, "This is why we can not have good things", definitely seems to be a big claim for Kanye and that phone call with lyrics like "Friends do not try to cheat you / Get you talking on the phone and it twists your mind. " So, although the fight started more than a year ago, it is still alive and well, with emoji attacks and everything!

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HollywoodLifers Do you think the Swifties went too far with the rat emojis? ? Or do you think Kim deserved spam from social networks? Let us know how you feel next!

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