Kim Jong Un’s sister now ‘de facto second command’ in N. Korea news

South Korea’s intelligence agency believes Kim Yong Jong, sister of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, is serving as her “de facto second-in-command”, but not necessarily named her successor. Have gone

MLA Ha Tae-kyung, an opposition party on the South Korean parliament’s intelligence committee, told reporters on Thursday that Kim was helping his brother run the regime with authority.

According to an intelligence report cited by the legislator, he is now responsible for a separate nation’s relations with the United States and South Korea.

In her early 30s, Kim Yo Jong is believed to be the leader’s only close relative with a public role in politics, recently waging a new, tougher campaign to pressure South Korea.

“Kim Jong Un still has full power,” Ha said, but after a closed-door briefing by the South’s National Intelligence Service, Ha said, “his authority has changed slightly more than in the past.

“Kim Yo Jong is an actual second order,” added Ha to a transcript of comments seen by the Ryers news agency.

Ha said more powers over economic and military policy have also been delegated to many other senior officials, although at a lower level, possibly Kim Jong would help reduce stress on them as well as help them avoid blame for any failure. For, Ha said.

What is behind the recent tension on the Korean peninsula? | Inside talk

Kim Yo Jong rose to fame in Vietnam ahead of his brother’s 2019 summit with US President Donald Trump, when his visit included his efforts to ensure the inclusion of an ashtray for the North Korean leader at the railway station Gone.

His prominence in the campaign against South Korea this year highlighted an important policy role that goes beyond being supportive of Kim, analysts say.

She issued her first public statement to spray criticism in the neighboring nation and was portrayed by the North’s state media as playing a decision-making role.

In July, she offered personal views on diplomacy with the US in an unusual statement in the state media, stating that her brother had given her special permission to watch recordings of that country’s Independence Day celebrations.

When rumors and speculation arose about Kim Jong Un’s health in April, her sister was seen as a potential placeholder to handle the family dynasty until Kim’s one child was old enough.

On Wednesday, Seoul-based website NK News, which monitors North Korea, has absent Kim Yo Jong from the plenary. This has given rise to some speculation about possible demotions.

five yearly plan

Earlier on Thursday, state media reported that the North Korean leadership wanted to present a new five-year plan at a rare party congress in January.

In a meeting chaired by Kim on Wednesday, the Workers Party Central Committee decided to present the economic plan at the party congress.

The official news agency KCNA reported that the plenary meeting decided to convene the Party Congress to set a right line of conflict and strategic and strategic policies based on the new requirements of our developing revolution and the current situation.

The agency noted that the economy had not improved in the face of “many unexpected challenges”. The goal of significant increase in the standard of living of the people was also not achieved.

The Eighth Congress of the Workers Party will be convened in January.

The Congress, which was originally to be held every five years, is the most important body of the party. But in May 2016, the Seventh Congress was held for the first time in 36 years.

At the time, Kim Jong Un was elected to the newly created post of party president.


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