Kim Jong Un’s sister moved from public view into a possible governance signal

An expert said that Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, has disappeared from public view, which could be another sign that she could take more control of the regime.

South Korean outlet Chosun Ilbo said that since July 27, North Korean Despot’s sister, who may lie low to speculate that she cited some of her authority.

Her absence as South Korean detectives revealed that she now serves as “de-facto second-in-command”, although she has not been named her successor.

Professor Nem Sung-woo of the University of Korea told the newspaper, “In the past, no one was denied the position that he was described as the No. 2 man in the North.”

“Kim Yo Jong is a family member, though checks and balances should be a part of it.”

He was last seen when he was standing near the Hermit Kingdom last month, as he gave commemorative pistols to military leaders on the 67th anniversary of the Korean War.

But he did not appear in the state-approved photos released Tuesday of Kim at a high-level meeting to discuss the COVID-19 epidemic and prepare for a thunderstorm.

The pictures surfaced after a former South Korean official claimed the dictator was in coma.

Kim Jong Un (center)
Kim Jong Un (center)AP

Her sister has also been a no-show at other meetings this summer, although she is now an alternate member of the politburo of CNN’s senior body, North Korea’s ruling party.

Experts have said that these absences are unusual, but they can be explained by participating in other business, the outlet reported.


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