Kim Jong Un’s severe warning on growing crisis

Pedestrians walk in central Pyongyang on August 19 with portraits of the late North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Photographer: Kim Won Jin / AFP via Getty Image

Kim Jong Un acknowledges that North Korea’s development goals have been “severely delayed”, in the latest indication that sanctions, floods and coronoviruses have caused a triple setback to the country’s already unknown economy.

Kim said at the first meeting in eight months of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers Party of Korea that the country had “faced unexpected and unavoidable challenges in various aspects”, state media said on Thursday. According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim said, “There has been a delay in the attainment of goals for improving the national economy and people’s living standards have not improved significantly.”

The statement was the latest in a series by Kim complaining about the pace of the goals of the Kim policy, a striking admission for the state built on the ineptitude of the Kim family’s rule. In recent months, Kim lambasted Cadres for what he saw as Lux virus management and blamed those responsible for building his showcase Pyongyang General Hospital, saying he was “reckless with party policies and spending” ” Huh.

The North Korean leader resolved to unveil a new five-year economic development plan at the ruling party Congress to be held in January, which did not go into details. The final five-year plan was unveiled in 2016.


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