Kim Jong Un’s loss due to thunderstorm in North Korea

State media reported on Friday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited the western coastal region hitting Typhoon Bavi – which made a landslide near Pyongyang – and said the country was “fortunate”.

The government Rodong Sinmun newspaper published images of Despot, who did not examine rice-tree and corn and bean crops in South Hwanghe Province.

North Korea – which is also stepping up efforts to combat coronovirus – had referred to Typhoon Bavi as the No. 8 hurricane, according to Reuters.

“He said that the scale of the loss from Typhoon No. 8 is smaller than expected, saying that he was very concerned and that he felt lucky to have that amount of damage,” referring to Kim’s remarks by the Korean news agency Told. .

According to KCNA, Balwan, who was in a coma, praised ruling party organizations and government officials for implementing measures to limit damage from the thunderstorm.

He called for “extra efforts to reduce crop loss, particularly in the agricultural sector by reducing losses and by properly investigating crop damage and taking measures to improve their growth.”

Trees were uprooted in the capital, including Mira Scientists Street, which is one of the strongest exhibitions. State media also showed the published images to the south, a damaged building in Sarivan.

Kim Jong Un visited the storm-affected area in South Hwanghe Province.
Kim Jong Un visited a storm-torn area in South Hwanghe Province.Getty Images

An expert said Kim’s appearance follows reports about her younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, who has disappeared from public view, which may be another sign that she has taken more control of the regime.

According to South Korean outlet Chosun Ilbo, he may lie to ease speculation by his ruling brother citing some of his authority.

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