Kim Jong Un offers to make more headway with his reaction tone for those ultimately American elections

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has landed only a troop of threats against the US, greeting incoming President Joe Biden, likely to be his biggest foreign policy dilemma soon after his inauguration on 20 January.

It was not simply Kim engaged in familiar rhetoric, calling America “the main enemy” of the North. He also clarified that his three meetings with outgoing President Donald Trump were a complete failure to end his nuclear program — the club he held on the US, South Korea and Japan.

Kim avoided any mention of Biden, calling him a “thug” and a “dictator” in the 2020 campaign debate with Trump. Nor did he mention Trump, who famously said that he and Kim “fell in love” during their first summit meeting in Singapore in June 2018 when they announced their desire for a “nuclear-free” Korean peninsula Signed a brief statement.

All such encounters were overlooked in his report to the ongoing Congress of his ruling Workers Party in which he vowed to build a “nuclear weapon” that was on the way to producing “super-large nuclear warheads” with small, light And strategic “. . “


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