Kim Jong Un is finally the Edmonton Coronavirus in North Korea

North Korea just announced its first case of COVID-19, most conveniently blaming a defender who had fled to South Korea and then returned to the North, supposedly bringing the bug with him had gone.

This is the spin that North Korea’s state media, KCNA, is putting into the case after a meeting of the Politburo of the Workers’ Party, at which Kim Jong Un himself made a rare appearance that he was in person or “virtually , “Screen, was not clear.

But the atmosphere of crisis surrounding the meeting was, no doubt, the severity of the epidemic that has plagued the North for months – despite the regime’s denial of what is going on. Also contained in the unusually detailed KCNA dispatch published Rodong SinmunThe party paper, Kim’s image as a strong leader capable of dealing with the crisis, needed to be suppressed.


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