Kim Jong Un calls for 80-day campaign to promote North Korea

Ahead of the military parade, in which he may unveil his latest weapon, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered an 80-day national campaign to boost the ailing economy.

Kim made his demands at the ruling workers party’s Politburo meeting on Monday during a difficult year for the Hermit Kingdom, as the COVID-19 epidemic puts more pressure on the economy hit by the recent storms.

According to the Korean Central News Agency, “We have done historic feats with our costly efforts, overcoming unprecedented trials and hardships this year, but we must not restrain our spirits.”

“We are still facing challenges that cannot be ignored and we have many goals to achieve within this year”

In August, Kim announced that the ruling party would hold a new five-year plan in January.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un speaks during the 19th meeting of the Political Committee of the 7th Central Executive of Korea

Remaining days until the period of the eighth Congress struggle of the party and the last phase of completing the five-year strategy for national economic development … so that the whole party and the entire country should pay each other about the campaign.

Last year, it promised to create “frontal success” in the campaign to build a self-sufficient economy to face tougher restrictions aimed at curbing rogue regime’s nuclear and missile programs, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, analysts expect Pyongyang to showcase the latest shows at those events during the 75th anniversary parade of the country’s ruling party on Saturday.

They are expected to heed the indication that North Korea may use the incident to test new weapons unveiled or a ballistic missile launched from a submarine.

Nuclear talks between the US and North Korea have stalled since Kim failed to build an agreement with Kim and President Trump held in Vietnam last year.


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