Killer Mike’s barbershop hit with stray bullets

Killer Mike addressed those responsible for shooting his SWAG Shop barbershop in South Fulton, Georgia on Saturday night, which left no one injured.

Rapper Run the Jewels was in the recording booth around 1 a.m. when he received news of stray bullets hitting his original barbershop, which he Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that it was closed for renovations. In a lengthy Instagram post, which included photos capturing the resulting physical damage, Mike clarified that he was not upset “because the property can be replaced” and did not believe it was a personal attack. He extended his apologies to his clients, who will have to wait longer to return, and gave some advice to those responsible for the shooting.

“I want to tell the brothers to please consider what would have happened if one of you hit each other. The jail, the attorney’s fees, the cost of the funeral and the loss of two black families,” he wrote. “I’m glad they didn’t hit the side of a barn with a shotgun because they’re alive today.”

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