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Tristan Thompson could be traded to Los Angeles Clippers and Khloe Kardashian is "totally excited" by that. If the change happens, she would be much closer to her family.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson could be going through a big change of life soon! No, we are not talking about a pregnancy that is rumored, it is about the 26-year-old basketball player having been traded to a team in Los Angeles. It is rumored that Tristan, who currently plays for [ClevelandCavaliers could be traded with Los Angeles Clippers DeAndre Jordan . If this happened, Khloe would spend more time in her hometown, what we have learned EXCLUSIVELY is what she is waiting for.

"Khloe is going crazy and totally excited about the possibility of Tristan being traded to an NBA team in Los Angeles," said one source EXCLUSIVELY. "It would be the best scenario for her to be able to return to Los Angeles closer to her family full-time." While Khloe loves spending time in Cleveland, there's no place like home. "See photos of Tristan and Khloe here.

The source added that being close to the family is more important now than ever because of the rumors of the 33-year-old pregnancy. "With a baby on the way, Khloe feels that having the love and support of her family is now more important than ever," the source said. "In her own subtle way, Khloe has been gently encouraging Tristan to do everything in her power to be traded to a team in Los Angeles, an NBA hit that would put her and her baby in LA would Khloe is happy and relieved Khloe wants her baby to be a child from California and grow up with her cousins ​​and close family members Khloe feels that family is the most important thing in the world, so she hopes to move to Los Angeles soon ".
Changing Los Angeles team seems to be ideal for the couple, and if the reality TV star is looking to be closer to the family, it definitely does not hurt that her boyfriend is playing for the same team as his sister Kendall Jenner & # 39; s man Blake Griffin !

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