Khabib Nurmagomedov is seen going after Connor McGregor on UFC 257 on social media

A few select words for Connab McGregor appeared after the Irishman’s knockout loss to Dustin Poire at UFC 257 on Saturday night.

Nurmagomedov was not surprised by the fight, tweeting that a similar result would happen to anyone who changed his team. He did not mention McGregor by name in the tweet, but the bad blood between the two contestants is still alive and well.

“That’s what happened, when you change your team, you leave the teammates who have made you a champion and with young children, living far away from reality,” he tweeted.

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McGregor was alerted to the tweet at a post-fight press conference with reporters and insisted that nothing had changed about his corner.

“My team has been with me since day one. I haven’t changed anything. This is what honors the athletes and it’s definitely the character of the man behind the mask. Whatever he wants to do. Does that. Wants? ” To come back or not? Because he is not throwing any legs. I got off the field against Dustin and I replaced Dustin. Looks at a small pocket of that order. As I said, there are fights in genres. Each fight is a different fight. , ”McGregor said, via MMA Fighting.


“That’s why all this prestige and all those who try to hold on. I don’t hold on to that. Whether one has many wins or many losses. Every battle is different between every man and that’s it. Dustin’s style is just played in today. And he has durability, he has experience and keeps a leg kick in his arsenal. I’ll adjust and go. “

McGregor said the UFC lightweight champion’s comments were “fight talk” and if he wanted to make “derogatory remarks”, he should come back and fight.

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Nurmagomedov retired after beating Justin Gathje with an undefeated record of 29–0. It is not clear whether he will return. UFC President Dana White told reporters that it did not look promising that Nurmagomedov would return in the wake of two light fights at UFC 257.

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