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KFC turns its special chicken box into a functional drone

KFC is one of those brands that wants to turn all aspects of their product into something useful, even in the real box. We were given a smartphone charger earlier, as well as a VR headset. Now they are turning your chicken coop into a drone that will really fly. The KFO or Kentucky flying object is now available and you can eat your wings and fly them too. But you can only find it in India and there are still no plans to make it available elsewhere.

When you order a box of smoked roasted wings, you get the limited edition box that you can turn into a fully functional drone that can actually fly. The box has the usual drilling pieces and also comes with some mechanical parts like a "KFO plate", battery, four rotors and even LED, that you can assemble on your own, with a bit of DIY skills to put everything together. The assembly instructions can also be found on the KFC Drone website if you need a little more detail.

You must charge the battery for 30 minutes before using it. Once it is fully assembled and fully charged, you can control the drone through a mobile application that connects via Bluetooth. Of course, you will have to exercise all the necessary caution when operating a drone, including monitoring the winds, wires and birds.

However, you can only catch this KFO if you live in India. There is still no news on whether KFC will make it available in other territories.

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