KFC has revealed details for the game ‘console’ that makes chicken hot while users play

Gamers no longer have to worry about cold chicken (if it was a problem they were actually having).

There is a lot that video game consoles can do these days, but even the latest PlayStation or X-Box cannot make food. Although the console usually gets slightly warmer after hours of running, they are not made to heat chicken And likely will not be well covered in oil and crumbs.

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But that’s all about to change: KFC and Cooler Master, a computer hardware manufacturer, come to know Specifications for KFConsole. While the device has the ability to produce 4K graphics and displays 240 frames-per-second, it is reportedly designed with a slot to hold the chicken pieces while it is powered.

“Never let your chicken cool, thanks to a patented chicken chamber,” writes Cooler Master on his website. “

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Specific details about when and where the device will be available have not been released. It is also unclear whether this device is a console (similar to PlayStation or Xbox) if it has a gaming warming slot with a chicken warming slot built into it.

KFC originally teased the console back Twitter In June of this year, though it was not clear at the time whether the restaurant chain was joking or not.

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This is not KFC’s first forest in video-gaming. In September 2019, Fox News reported that KFC had developed a video game called “I Love You, Colonel Sanders”. The aim of the game was to progress through a simulated culinary school. Furthermore, the player had to try to romance Colonel Sanders – because of course he did.

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