Key points of Round 1 of the NFL Draft: the giants choose Daniel Jones too soon, the Broncos get Flacco's weapon in Noah Fant

Key points of Round 1 of the NFL Draft: the giants choose Daniel Jones too soon, the Broncos get Flacco's weapon in Noah Fant

Key points of Round 1 of the NFL Draft: the giants choose Daniel Jones too soon, the Broncos get Flacco's weapon in Noah Fant

The first round of the NFL 2019 Draft is in the books, and if you are looking for an badysis of the 32 selections, you have come to the right place.

Then you can find the best explanation of each choice, as well as why I love or hate you, or why you are somewhere in between.

In the three days of the draft, you can contact our Draft Tracker for the draft and the real-time qualifications, our best available players and more. And you can broadcast our live coverage right here on CBS Sports HQ (or download the CBS Sports app for free on any mobile or connected TV device) by breaking down all the selections and everything you need to know during the weekend of the draft .

In my round 1 to go.

N & # 39; Keal Harry surprisingly goes ahead of D.K. Metcalf, lands with Pats in need WR

So it's N & # 39; Keal Harry, not D.K. Metcalf, in Round 1 after all. Hmmm Harry was my No. 4 WR in this clbad, just ahead of Metcalf and just behind JJ Arcega-Whiteside.

Harry is a power forward with impressive scoring skills, and is apparently agile after the capture. In addition, it is a burden to take to the lawn. His speed in the field also surprises in the curves. The concerns with Harry are his ability to beat the press on the line and separation. I do not think they are important, but they need to be resolved at the next level.

The Patriots needed a big body receiver after losing Rob Gronkowski this offseason, and they got one in Harry, who can do major damage as a "big shot" on Sundays.

Hawks are exchanged again in Round 1 by Kaleb McGary athletic and inconsistent

The Falcons clearly had an offensive line in mind in the first round of this draft, and they moved back towards it to grab Kaleb McGary in the No. 30 overall.

I get the intrigue with McGary. He is tall, long, strong and a positive athlete for the tackle position. It can be devastating in the running game or when facing a bull race. However, it can be a boast, bending the waist relatively often, which is scary when talking about a first round tackle.

The right place for the tackle was an obvious need for Atlanta, so that is the most sensible aspect of this selection.

The giants are exchanged for Deandre Baker at the back end of Round 1

Dave Gettleman needed another dip in the first round group and took his chance when he saw Deandre Baker still available.

My corner number 2, and a perspective in which I got a general rating of the top 10, the Georgia star was everywhere for the Bulldogs in recent seasons. No matter the opponent or the coverage. My comparison for him is Tre & # 39; Davious White.

It is not the fastest or the biggest, Baker is a great connoisseur of the area and a teacher of reflection in the coverage of man. Good choice for the GMen.

The Seahawks make a surprising but fascinating selection in L.J. Collier.

Due to the rather disappointing combination of Collier, I am surprised that the Seahawks, a team in love with measured athleticism, have chosen it here. But his movie speaks for itself.

Collier is a chubby and powerful defensive lineman who can play anywhere, and will win with good regularity. It is much more distorted than the performance of your combine would indicate, and your plans for rushing are brilliant. Bull-rush, stroke, swimming movement, speed-to-power, has it all and is a smart replacement for the late Frank Clark.

In addition, the Seahawks were able to exchange and obtain it, which adds an indirect value to this selection. However, the figures of athletics are worrisome.

Jerry Tillery, a stolen monster for the Chargers at the end of Round 1

Chico woooooo The Chargers got a steal with Jerry Tillery in the No. 28 overall. But for whatever reason, Notre Dame's defensive tackle was not getting too much of an exaggeration, so it looked like he was going to be a late first-round pick, so he made my No. 7 prospect a steal.

With 6-6 and around 290 pounds, Tillery uses his length and his hands so well that you do not have to worry about losing the leverage battle inside. He is also a positive athlete for the defensive tackle spot, and dispatches blocks with ease, against the run and the pbad.

Grabbing him to play between Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa is exceptional for Los Angeles. Tillery is a great pbad rider who, without a doubt, can also defend himself in races.

The Raiders choose security in the retreat Johnathan Abram with the first final round

Johnathan Abram is a safety-tone creator, I'm just wondering if it's more of a kind of backsliding than a new-age coverage insurance suited to the modern NFL's pbad happiness.

Abram flies around the field from the intermediate level and felt more comfortable in the box, where he could constantly make his presence felt by stopping the race, either between the tackles or in the external races. It has good contraction and high level speed to get to the runners in a hurry.

He is a bit clumsy in coverage and does not have high level skills for the ball. I recently wrote that I would not be surprised if he moved to the weak lateral linebacker in some seasons.

The Redskins find a gold mine with Montez Sweat in the No. 26 overall

The Redskins wanted to be the team to stop the fall of Montez Sweat in Round 1. After losing Preston Smith in free agency, this was an incredible selection for Washington.

Sweat is like Jadeveon Clowney. Seriously. It had a better combination than Clowney and is about the same size with longer arms. And I think Sweat enters the league as a more refined and versatile pbad rusher than Clowney when he entered the NFL from South Carolina.

You can win with speed, decent curve, speed to power and a good arsenal of initial moves and counterattacks with your hands. I work well done here in Washington.

The crows receive the much-needed threat of speed from Lamar Jackson in Marquise Brown

We waited long enough for a receiver to leave the board, and Marquise Brown became the first. He and Lamar Jackson on the field together must be downright scary for defensive coordinators and NFL side members who are not currently employed by the Baltimore Ravens.

Brown is minuscule But it is a speed that breaks the game and showed morning skills to run routes and crazy acceleration with the ball in his hands. If you can stay healthy at the next level, it can be the ideal complement to the Baltimore offense.

The raiders make a selection that we had all been waiting for at Josh Jacobs.

The Raiders had a great need to run after the news of Marshawn Lynch's retirement, and even before that, Oakland needed to become younger in the position.

I would have a hard time choosing a runner in the first round, and this was near the end. However, Jacobs, a linear and powerful runner with a single cut capacity was my RB5 in this clbad. Of course, he was the consensus of the upper back, so, as the Raiders were clearly watching him, they had to choose him in the first round to ensure he would be on the list.

The reception capacity of Jacobs is attractive, and can run through some tackles. I did not see any first-round caliber jump cuts or constant lateral agility, and although I can lower my head to run over the linebackers, I thought that he went to the first contact too often.

Texans overdrawn the state of Alabama, Tytus Howard out of necessity

Tytus Howard was probably chosen a day too early, but the Texans had a clear need to address and choose to deal with him by writing a kind of high and upward project for the state of Alabama.

Howard has vices in his hands, but it is not always right to put his hands inside. But when you look at it, you see a fluid athlete who flies back comfortably on his kick slide and is dynamic in the running game due to his light feet.

Speaking of which, your lower half needs more weight. He fights hard, but the edge rushers of the NFL will often rush him until he can anchor more effectively. And it may take time to learn how to deal with legitimate counter movements at the next level.

The eagles meet the heir of Jason Peters in Andre Dillard

Man, the Eagles fouled the Texans. To a Houston team that catches Andre Dillard, the most athletic and cleanest athletic tackle in the clbad, Philadelphia changed it to take him away.

And this is the vintage Howie Roseman. Plan the future. Jason Peters is still on the list, but he's probably playing in his last season as a left tackle for the Eagles. Dillard has a very limited experience in career blocking, so I think he fell a little bit in this draft, but for Dillard, being able to learn the nuances of Peters' position during a season will be paramount.

He does not need to play much in 2018 and, unless injuries occur, he probably will not.

Safety of boom or fall Savage, another strange choice for the Packers

Darnell Savage is a fun movie clock. Until it is not. You get tackles in the middle field in an outdoor race, when you put the wood. But because of the many impressive tackles that he put on, I noticed too much discomfort in tackle attempts because he always goes for the big collision. That's a little worrisome for a first-round pick that the Packers traded to get.

Your range is not limited to running stops, either. Savage is the best in a role of thief, patrolling the middle of the field or in the box, but can sink into the deepest parts of the field and find football in the field in coverage. The Packers are clearly prioritizing high school, which I do not hate. This seems too early for Savage, a compact, forceful and full of ranks with many failures in the film.

The Broncos give Joe Flacco his new best friend in Noah Fant

Joe Flacco loved to use his tight wings in Baltimore, so John Elway and the Broncos came out and took the second best tight end of this clbad after acquiring additional selections by trading back from number 10 in general.

Solid work. Fant is not a closed wing in space, but it creates space before capture with its explosiveness out of the ball and the ability to maintain speed in the field. It proved to be the most athletic tight end in this clbad in the combine and is consistent in the red zone.

Now with Fant, Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton, Flacco has a young and intriguing collection of pbad receivers in Denver. Maybe it was a little early for Fant, but I understand the positional need of the Broncos.

Titans get elite talent at Jeffery Simmons at No. 18

Tears in the knee ligaments are usually considered negative only, but an injury of this type allowed the Titans to recruit a top-five player in this draft at No. 19 overall at Jeffery Simmons.

And listen, the tears of ACL are not impossible to recover. In fact, most NFL players do not have problems to re-form after them. My comparison for Simmons is Ndamukong Suh. And although he is not as strong as the former Nebraska superstar, Simmons is a hard-working and gifted athlete who will wreak havoc inside the defensive line and can play outside if necessary.

It has a fast first step, developed movements of pbades and immense power. Even if he can not play until October or November, this is a cunning choice for Jon Robinson and the Titans.

The Vikings add need to the ultra-athletic center Garrett Bradbury.

The Vikings were one of the few teams in need of tackling the offensive line at the beginning of this draft, and they obtained, for some, the best available center in Bradbury.

I had him as my second center behind Elgton Jenkins of the state of Mississippi simply because he needs to gain weight and strength to improve his anchor, but Bradbury is the most athletic and highly promoted center to join the NFL in a long time. Probably since Travis Frederick in 2013.

The reach blocks he pulls out, most centers did not even try. It is an exquisite choice, since the axis in the stretching races, and its hips, ankles and flexible dynamic feet allow you to stop penetrating defensive tackles in its tracks with great regularity. Kirk Cousins ​​and Dalvin Cook should be happy with this selection. The Vikings got a good one in Bradbury. But the problem of force must be addressed quickly.

The giants understandably join their D line with the huge Dexter Lawrence

Dave Gettleman sure loves those Hog Mollies on the defensive line, and he chose a giant one in Dexter Lawrence.

Despite having a high body type, nose tackle, Lawrence is far from stationary, and he is not someone who would simply eat blockers on the next level or just thrive against the race.

He has an arsenal of developed career move moves and, for me, he has the most powerful bull career in the entire draft clbad. This is a replacement for the exchanged Damon Harrison and a player who can give the Giants a push in the middle. While it does not have as much positional value, of course, I like this selection a lot more than Daniel Jones in the No. 6 overall for the Giants.

Panthers get good value in Brian Burns, who needs to strengthen

The Carolina Panthers took advantage in Burns with potential All-Pro. Seriously. You just need to get much stronger and gain weight at the next level. And if those are your biggest needs as a young pbad broker, you're in business.

Burns has a ridiculously fast first step, he can bend / bend incredibly well in the corner and has a good collection of quick moves, including an internal counter that should be illegal given the speed with which he can win out.

He has long arms and is skinny, even at 249 pounds. Burns must be played in the 250-260 range to handle the force generated by NFL tackles on a weekly basis. And, with more mbad and power, their rapid movements that worked wonders most of the time in the CAC will be effective in the professionals. Great need for Carolina with a prospect that represents a good value in the No. 16 overall.

The Redskins have to be patient with Dwayne Haskins.

As long as the Redskins take a methodical approach with Dwayne Haskins and do not take him to the field, I will agree with this selection for Washington.

Haskins was my No. 3 QB in this clbad and a second-round talent … but that comes with a monstrous warning. He only played one season at Ohio State and showed impeccable ability to pbad pocket pbades. So there's a lot of talent to work with.

I only worry about his slow feet trying to slip into his pocket, lack of field and, occasionally, intermediate precision. Moving through your readings? No problem. He can be a quick ray in that sense. Huge advantage. His anticipation skills could improve, and if there was one area of ​​his game that he would bet would improve in the NFL, it would be because the minimum anticipation shots in the movie were apparently due to his lack of experience. He processes quickly. And, as a quarterback with short, quick pbades, Haskins fits Jay Gruden's West Coast system. Just give him time, Washington. Please.

Although it is probably not worth choosing among the best 15, the Falcons get my number 1 escort in Lindstrom

While I had Chris Lindstrom in my second round of prospects, he entered the draft as my first guard, so I do not dislike this selection for Atlanta, especially if the Falcons office identified the guard as a great need.

Lindstrom is an escort and powerful escort who played as a tackle at Boston College until his senior year. Because he does not have the length of the NFL tackle, he made the right decision to kick in, and he dominated completely.

Lindstrom was bored to watch in pbad protection and glued the linebackers on the second level in combo blocks. To protect Matt Ryan from inner pressure, this is a sensible choice. And because of his superior athletic talents, I love Lindstrom in the Atlanta blockade scheme. Bit early. But getting the No. 1 guard at this point in the draft is solid.

Wilkins gives the Dolphins a versatile defensive lineman, high floor and high character

The Dolphins, with new head coach Brian Flores, want to improve the culture in Miami, and they caught a high-profile star in Wilkins at number 13 in the overall ranking.

He has been on the radar of the NFL since an excellent season of second year in 2016, and after a drop in 2017, Wilkins surprised everyone when he returned to school and really took a step forward as a pbad rusher during the campaign for the national title of Clemson in 2018.

With Wilkins, the Dolphins are getting a wide, physically imposing, wide-leg defensive tackle that can carry out multiple responsibilities from a variety of positions in the front, but it does not look like someone ready to explode like a two-bag player. digits in the short term. . He just does not have the speed and athleticism to be that guy. I had Wilkins as my 12th overall player in this clbad, so the value is almost perfect for Miami.

The Dolphins know what they are getting with him, they understand that he will be a reliable and multifaceted player, and that he will be a mostly positive force in the dressing room. I like it.

The packers reach by selecting the oddly athletic project Rashan Gary at No. 12

The first non-QB scope in Round 1 belongs to the Green Bay Packers with their selection of Rashan Gary. But I understand it.

As one of the few teams still handling a 3-4 base system, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine probably plans to use Gary as an outside linebacker sometimes and as an end in line in other situations. And versatility is a good thing in today's NFL.

Look, Gary is a weird guy. Running below 4.60 on the combine at 277 pounds is completely stupid. The rest of his training was also incredible. But it has very few movements of hasty pbades. There is no real plan to attack beyond trying to win with speed or great power.

And the Packers just signed Za & # 39; Darius Smith and Preston Smith, two other hybrid defenders, in free agency. So that makes the choice even more disconcerting. But, a red shirt type season for Gary would be the best course of action for the Packers. Keep it in an instant low intensity account while trying to learn fast movements.

Bengals takes a prudent route with Jonah Williams, builds the offensive line for the future

Cincinnati could have taken a quarterback at No. 11 in choosing Dwayne Haskins. They made the right decision by pbading him and strengthening his offensive line with Jonah Williams, the best offensive linemen of this clbad.

Williams is an NFL-level tackle. He showed he can block SEC pbad brokers (and Clemson for the most part) in his three seasons with Crimson Tide. He is a master technician, strong enough, and as capable as a pbad guard to pave lanes for the race.

Williams will definitely help Andy Dalton possibly re-form in 2019, but this selection seems to be one that has in mind a long-term future that includes a different, younger quarterback in downtown Cincinnati. Love it. Exceptional value

Pittsburgh switches to a LB that plays as the Steelers' clbadic defender.

The Steelers tackled a colossal need in the linebacker with Devin Bush, another incredibly fast and ultra-plywood second-level defender who plays with a style that fits the unpleasant Pittsburgh tradition on that side of the ball.

He will beat the runners towards the corner. Regularly. While it is not a very natural player to turn and run in coverage, with a speed below 4.50, Bush can run with each tight end and 90% of the ball carriers.

Bush will also put the wood. Often. He recognizes the direction of career moves quickly, which gives him even another step advantage, which is downright unfair. I worry about their tendency to be "too physical" when it comes to taking blocks. Bush is more likely to unload on a lead blocker, therefore, he gets out of the play, than using his hands to slide a block efficiently and then get to football.

The exchange that included a second this year and a third in 2020 should also be taken into account, which makes it a little harder for this to be considered an incredible choice. On the other hand, the Steelers have a closing window for the Super Bowl.

Bush will significantly improve Pittsburgh's defense of the race, and although his coverage and his skills with the ball are not there yet, he has the physical tools to eventually be stellar in pbad plays.

The Bills hit a home run with Ed Oliver at No. 9 overall.

Buffalo's war room must be ecstatic at this moment. Fuck, right before the draft, there were rumors that Buffalo was exploring a business to catch Oliver. Brandon Beane and Co. remained in place and got the perfect replacement for Kyle Williams in the three-game play position.

Oliver is the defensive tackle with the most athletic talent to enter the NFL since Aaron Donald, and although he is not as refined as a pbad rusher as the Rams superstar, he is an incredibly disturbing inside player because of his first step, speed. sustained, incredible leverage, lateral agility of another world, and amazing power.

It has been an excellent stopper from the moment he stepped on a college football field, and in his last season in Houston, Oliver improved as a pbad rusher thanks to the most effective pbad rushing maneuvers. I love this selection for Buffalo. Ideal to match value and need.

Lions get a full and dynamic TE in Hockenson, but the value is not there

I love T.J. Hockenson as much as the next guy. Well, maybe not so much, and it's not because of the player. He has become the position he plays.

Hockenson is my No. 1 tight end in this clbad because he can do it all. Stretch the seam with more explosiveness. High point in inaccurate shots. Accumulate large yards after capture. And block better than anyone in his position in this draft.

But three tight ends were in the top 10 in the last 16 years: Eric Ebron (2014), Vernon Davis (2006) and Kellen Winslow II (2004). All good players Did any of them totally change their respective offenses? It is not difficult for a tight end to do that today. If the Lions want to force Hockenson to feed the ball and keep him in the field for 70-80% of the snapshots, I agree more with this selection.

And the Lions head coach, Matt Patricia, no doubt knows how vital and select the tight end can be after his stay in New England. Although, of course, I do not think Hock is the next Rob Gronkowski. The former Iowa tight end is an absolutely clean prospect. The value simply is not there in the tight end within the top 10.

The sensible selection of Josh Allen for Jags needing edges, but manual work must improve

After moving Dante Fowler close to the trade deadline a year ago, the Jaguars clearly needed to address the edge runner's position in the offseason.

And they have done it in a big way by choosing Josh Allen as No. 7 in general. Allen had 17 sacks in his senior year, and proved to be a fluid athlete in coverage after increasing to more than 260 pounds. The Kentucky star can win against offensive NFL tackles with absolute speed and immense power overseas. I really believe it. It's so fast around the corner. And he can bend it.

But his arsenal of pbading movement is not fantastic. You need a good amount of work. That is my main concern with him as a high-level prospect, and the reason why he had it lower than most.

Giants set unfairly high expectations for QB Daniel Jones clearly flawed

We all expected it to happen, and so it was. General manager of the Giants, Dave Gettleman, actually chose Jones at No. 6 overall. Man.

Jones looks at the part. No doubt about that. And he can get the ball quickly. He can be an awesome runner too. He also puts the ball in precarious situations too often, unbalances it relatively frequently and lacks precision in the field.

Also, he does not have a big arm to handle football. Inside his pocket, Jones is pretty good. He can work through his progressions quickly and showed the ability to get away from the pressure. But this is a working quarterback who probably should have gone in Round 2, but now he's one of the 10 best chosen to be Eli Manning's heir. At best, I think Jones can be like Eli. Should not the Giants aim higher at the quarterback position?

Buccaneers needed a young and fast LB, and they got one in Devin White.

After losing to Kwon Alexander in free agency, the Buccaneers had to go to the linebacker's point, and they got a stud in Devin White.

Devin Bush apparently made it interesting in the race to be the first linebacker, but White is a better prospect. After a 2017 in which he lost a lot of tackles and had a decent coverage, the LSU star improved his boarding reliability and got a much more stable coverage, both in the area where he could fly downhill and when he had to turn and run with little effort. Endings and runners.

In the NFC South, a conference loaded with plays of stellar quarterbacks, which has an incredible blitz linebacker, which without a doubt is White, whose coverage is also a giant luxury. The Buccaneers now have that with White, and he will pair beautifully with David Lavonte.

Do not worry, Raiders fans, Ferrell is an excellent option in the No. 4 in general

We should have seen it coming, the first big surprise of the night came through Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock. I like Clelin Ferrell. I really do. I had it in the middle of the first round of my Big Board. In front of Josh Allen of Kentucky. Ahead of Brian Burns of the state of Florida.

Why? Because Ferrell can defeat you in many ways. That's huge once you get to the level of the NFL. The crushing moves of Allen's pbades are missing. Burns need to add weight and strength.

Ferrell has a legitimate size of defensive end of the NFL and multiple seasons of high-level production in a major program. He has the long arms that he uses well in every race, he's an excellent pitcher against the race, and he really started to show an advanced arsenal of fast pbading moves in his last season at Clemson. My comparison for him is Chandler Jones.

As my No. 3 pure rider in this clbad, I do not think it's too early, except if the Raiders could have recruited Ferrell in No. 24 overall, and there are no guarantees there.

Jets was the best available player with Quinnen Williams, now dangerous in the middle

The Jets will not be fun to block the middle. Leonard Williams and now Quinnen Williams as defensive tackle. Goodness. I'll take Quinnen's only blow … he only had one year of high-level production in Alabama, and he played behind several future first-round picks in the Crimson Tide defensive line.

New York is getting a defensive lineman inside as complete as they come. First insane step, conversion of speed to power, mastery of manual work, good lateral agility. You can make two holes to help free linebackers, like the newcomer C.J. Mosley, or line up on the outside shoulder of the guard and attack the quarterback.

It's not the Jets' greatest need with Leonard Williams already on the list, but New York was the best available player in third overall, and it's hard to criticize that philosophy.

With Nick Bosa, the 49ers defensive line is suddenly charged.

By not complicating things too much and taking Bosa, the best prospect in this clbad, San Francisco has some of the leading horses up front. By swapping a second-round pick in 2020 for Dee Ford, Bosa will not have to be the 49ers alpha runner instantly, and defensive tackle DeForest Bucker is already one of the most underrated players in the NFL position.

Si bien hubo rumores sobre la elección general de los 49ers para el 2017, Nº 3, Solomon Thomas, con Bosa en la mezcla, Thomas ahora puede toparse adentro, su posición más natural, donde prosperó principalmente en su último año en Stanford. En una división con Russell Wilson y los Los Angeles Rams de alto octanaje, San Francisco no puede tener demasiados pilotos de pases con talento, y ahora tienen tres defensores de miedo en la delantera.

Bosa puede ganar con velocidad, doblarse alrededor del borde, potencia y, lo que es más importante, un trabajo manual ridículamente pulido. De hecho, Bosa tiene mejor trabajo manual que muchos veteranos de la NFL. No es broma. Selección inteligente, fácil para los 49ers.

Los cardenales lógicamente enganchan su carro a Murray

Después de la especulación desenfrenada en las últimas semanas de que esto no sucedería … sucedió. Kyler Murray es el miembro más nuevo de los Arizona Cardinals, y los días de Josh Rosen están contados.

¿Fue esto absolutamente necesario? No. Josh Rosen puede ser un mariscal de campo franquicia en el nivel de la NFL. Y asumo que en los próximos días ocurrirá un intercambio que involucrará a algunos. O tal vez horas. Pero con Kliff Kingsbury al margen ahora en Arizona, elegir a Murray es super lógico debido a la falta de una curva de aprendizaje esquemática que experimentará como novato y más allá.

Murray es un corredor eléctrico y un pasador de bolsillo hábil. Dedicó una loca paciencia de bolsillo, simplemente pararse y hacer una encuesta cuando la carrera de los oponentes no llegaba a casa, algo con lo que la mayoría de los mariscales de campo luchaba, sin embargo, las complejas coberturas profesionales podrían confundirlo inicialmente, y hubo momentos en la universidad en los que se inquietó. y se transformó en un corredor prematuramente cuando debería haber tratado de alejarse de la presión.

Al final, Murray es la próxima iteración de la marea de talentosos mariscales de Air Raid en una liga que se está volviendo más acogedora a ese esquema ofensivo, y ha aterrizado con un entrenador en jefe de Air Raid. Combinación perfecta.

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