Key Android Auto feature is lost after Android 11 update

This is without a doubt the big news Google has begun rolling out Android 11 for the first wave of devices, including its first Pixel phone, earlier this week, and for Android Auto users.

And this is because Android 11 unlocks the wireless Android Auto experience for everyone, meaning that you no longer need a Google or Samsung phone to use the app without a USB cable. As long as your head unit supports Android Auto Wireless, you are good to go to Android 11.But on the other hand, it looks like the day of updating Android 11 is not necessarily the best thing to do with respect to Android Auto users, as installing this new OS version seems to make drivers simply an important feature Have to be removed in their cars.

This is the new calendar app announced by Google with much fanfare last month for Android Auto users, and which for some reason, is no longer after installing Android 11 on a device that empowers the in-car experience.

Instead, Android Auto now comes with specific Google Assistant integration that reads calendar appointments and everything, which makes everything work before Google’s release of the Calendar app in early August.

Needless to say, this is just a bug and Google has not purposefully removed this app, which means that future updates should bring the calendar back to Android Auto for everyone. The only question now is whether in fact Google is planning to bring a new update, as the given Android 11 has only been shipped to the first devices, it may take at least a few weeks for the users until the patch lands.

For some time, clearing cache and data in Android Auto does not matter. If anything, sending feedback to Google about the Calendar app is the best thing you can do right now.