Kevin Warren says Big Ten will not revisit decision to postpone game

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren issued an open letter to the conference community on Wednesday stating that the vote by the Big Ten’s Council of Presidents and Chancellors was “overwhelmingly in support of postponing the falling games and not revisiting it” Will be done.”

Warren said in his first public comment since announcing the league’s decision on August 11, “The decision was purely and deliberate, and based on sound feedback, guidance and advice from medical experts.” Our work to move forward is to create a healthy and safe environment for all Big Ten student-athletes who love to compete in sports that helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and helps both student-athletes And protects surrounding communities. “

The Big Ten has faced significant backlash over the timing of the decision, which came six days after the league announced a 10-game, conference-only schedule on the Big Ten Network. Coaches, athletic directors, fans, and parents have publicly and privately expressed disappointment and displeasure at the lack of near-face communication and explanation.

Warren wrote, “We understand the questions of disappointment at the time of the decision to postpone the falling game, and especially the six days prior to the release of the football schedule.” “From the beginning, we continuously communicated our commitment to one day proceed carefully with the health, safety and well-being of our student-athletes at the center of our decision-making process. That’s why we put together a path to release. Withdrawal. Football schedule, while also vigorously monitoring virus-spread, testing and medical concerns, as student-athletes were transitioning to full-contact practice. ”

Warren noted “too much medical uncertainty and too many unknown health risks including SARS-CoV-2 infection,” and its impact on student-athletes. He listed several primary factors in the president’s decision, including the “alarming rate” of transmission rates, concerns about the return of a normal student’s body, and concerns about contact tracing. He also wrote that, “As our teams prepared for more intensive exercises, many of our medical staff did not think that the interventions we took would be enough to reduce the potential spread with very routine testing . ”

The Big Ten has tried to return to the competition task force that plans to return as soon as possible to the sports competition.

“In evaluating the winter / spring model, we will explore a number of factors including the number of football games that can be played from a health standpoint in a full calendar year while maintaining a major competitive experience for our student-athletes The Big Bang is the finale at the championship., “Warren wrote. “The Big Ten Conference will continue to collect feedback from student-athletes, families and other constituents and will remain in active discussion with its television partners about all future plans.”


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