Kevin Stefanski: Browns in “good position” with Odell Beckham, top hits from Jarvis Landry

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

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Wide receivers Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry are poised for the Browns’ two biggest international hits of the 2021 season and head coach Kevin Stefanski sees no reason why that should get in the way of keeping both players. .

The salary cap is being lowered for next season and the two receivers account for about 15 percent of the projected number, but the Browns are projected to have cap room and Stefanski said on ESPN Radio this week that he feels the team can do what they need. do this offseason without any moves involving any of the players.

“I think we can, yeah,” Stefanski said, via “I think you don’t want to be so dogmatic about it and say, ‘Okay. We have to have this number of receivers and this number of tight ends and this running back. ‘ I think you go with what you have and make sure you put yourself in a position to present a competitive roster for many years to come. So yeah, I think we’re in a good place. The easy part of saying is, ‘Hey, give us more players. Give us three more great players on the offensive side, and give us three players on the defensive side, and we’re going to spend this amount on each player. ‘ I think we have a plan. We will go ahead with that plan. “

Beckham’s salary is guaranteed by injury and comes from an anterior cruciate ligament, so they would have to change it to make any savings on the salary cap. Cutting Landry would free up more than $ 11.7 million in space, but general manager Andrew Berry seemed no more willing to go that way than Stefanski when asked about Landry during last week’s press conference.

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