Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein: Morrissey downplays accusations


Although he canceled a program due to (relatively) cold temperatures, it seems that Morrissey does not run out of hot water. In a recent interview with The Sunday Times the musician again minimized the accusations of badual misconduct facing Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein and others.

"You should be careful in regards to badual harbadment" because it can often be just a pathetic courtship attempt, "Morrissey said, according to the interview. "I'm sure it's horrible, but we have to keep everything in proportion, do not you agree, I've never been badually harbaded, I might add."

His most recent comments appear after other observations he made in an interview with Der Spiegel . During that interview, Morrissey said it was "ridiculous" for Christopher Plummer to replace Kevin Spacey in All the money in the world after accusations against Spacey, made first by Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp.

"I hate rape, I hate badault, I hate that people are forced into a badual situation," Morrissey said. "But in some cases, you look at the situation and you think that the people who describe themselves as victims are simply disappointed." In the whole history of Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roll there have been musicians who have slept with groupies. the story, almost everyone is guilty of sleeping with minors, why do not we throw everyone in jail? "

Of Rapp specifically, Morrissey added:" You have to ask, where were the parents of the child. If the guy did not know what could happen, I do not know how it was for him, but in my youth, I was never in a situation like that, never, it was always clear to me what could happen, if you're in someone's bedroom You must know where I could take it, that's why I do not think everything is very credible, I think Spacey has been attacked unnecessarily. "

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