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Kevin Smith offers Stan Lee to come live with him

There are many concerns about the welfare of Marvel co-creator Stan Lee. From his condition during an appearance in Silicon Valley Comic With the past weekend to a new report alleging elder abuse against Lee by those closest to him, fans and colleagues are increasingly concerned about the icon of the pop culture, including Kevin Smith, who took Twitter today to offer Lee a place to live.

Smith, who in addition to being a filmmaker, is a creator and writer of comics, as well as a well-known media aficionado, posted on Twitter today that Lee could come. live with him or even that the fans would buy him a new place to live.

"This is heartbreaking," Smith wrote. "We love you, @TheRealStanLee, you can always come live with me, or let the fans buy you a new place to live in. We miss you, sir."

Smith's message arrives in response to the report by The Hollywood Reporter today that Lee is a victim of abuse at the hands of people close to him. The report details a February legal document that Lee's attorney, Tom Lallas, drafted and that was signed by Lee that explains how his daughter, JC Lee, often disagrees with the handling of her trust and other matters financial, in addition to three men with "bad intentions" that influenced her.

"The statement then explains how three men with" bad intentions "- Jerard" Jerry "Olivarez, Keya Morgan, and JC's lawyer, Kirk Schenk – had unduly influenced his daughter, a woman with & # 39; very few adult friends & # 39; "says the article. "The document states that the trio was hinted at in relationships with JC for a hidden motive and purpose": seize Lee and "gain control over my assets, property and money".

The report continues to outline a dark and disturbing account that alleges that the three men along with JC have worked together to control Lee's finances, as well as who has and does not have access to the legendary creator of such iconic characters as the Fantastic Four . The report notes that men deny the accusations.

These allegations are just the latest in a continuing series of disturbing events surrounding Lee in recent months. In January, TMZ reported that Lee had been the victim of fraud with $ 850,000 of his stolen money used to buy a condo in West Hollywood. Later that month, Lee was charged with sexual misconduct by home nurses.

In February, Lee was taken to the hospital and later that month he revealed that he had been battling pneumonia. That led to a great concern for Lee, even from Smith, who reported that he was very concerned about his friend. Things seemed to take a more positive turn when Lee confirmed in a video late last month that he would appear in Silicon Valley Comic Con, but reports of the event have been worrying about social media attendees to voice their concerns about Lee not He was given appropriate care or breaks during the multi-day event.

"That man is a legend and you shuffled him like a bag of money!" A comment to the Facebook page of the scam.

Regarding Smith's offer of a place to live for Lee, fans quickly began to retweet and comment with many voices that offered their financial support to buy Lee a new home if necessary. As one commentator said, it's really a sad situation.


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