Kevin McCarthy abuses Pelosi, calls for House GOP to reject foreign aid in coronovirus bill

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats of having a “selective hearing” Wednesday night after President Trump asked Congress to raise the coronovirus incentive check from $ 600 to $ 2,000.

McCarthy wrote in a Twitter message, “He conveniently ignored @ realDonaldTrump’s call ruined rexamine calls overseas, while many Americans are struggling at home.” “Republicans will work to put America first.”

In a letter with his fellow Republicans, McCarthy claimed that Republicans had tried to pass an incentive bill more than 40 times but were unsuccessful until this week as Pelosi called on the American people to make coronovirus relief contingent on government funds Tried to be used as leverage – including billions of foreign aid [dollars] At a time when there are urgent needs at home. “

The minority leader wrote that Republicans should follow Trump’s lead and “rexamine how our tax dollars are spent overseas” amid an epidemic that has wreaked havoc on the US for nearly a year.

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McCarthy wrote, “Our government’s top priority should be our families, communities and small businesses, as we get through this epidemic and restore our country.”

In a video posted on Tuesday night, Trump destroyed foreign aid items in a bill passed by Congress that included “$ 85.5 million for aid to Cambodia, $ 134 million to Burma,” and millions from other countries. As well as domestic allocation. Described as “useless and unnecessary items.”

“It’s called the Kovid Relief Bill but it has nothing to do with Kovid,” the president said.

Trump called on Congress to revise the bill, stating that lawmakers refund other expenses so that they could send $ 2,000 incentive checks to Americans instead of the $ 600 check called into the bill.

Democrats, including Pelosi, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders, quickly seized on Trump’s support of the $ 2,000 check – and the idea that he backed. Pelosi on Wednesday called on the president to urge House Republicans to join Democrats to “unanimously” approve the high check amount in a vote to be held on Thursday morning.

In his letter late Wednesday, McCarthy fired back at Pelosi, saying that Republicans would unanimously request it – but instead would have to reject congressional approval of foreign aid.

McCarthy wrote, “It has to be decided that he wants to work on behalf of the American people.”

On Wednesday, Pelosi criticized President Trump for not raising his concerns early in the process as lawmakers negotiated the stimulus package he sent to his desk.

Pelosi wrote to House Democrats, “When you think you’ve seen it all last night, the president said he would likely negotiate a bicameral agreement between Republicans and Democrats.”

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“… In the bipartisan talks, leader Schumer and I repeatedly asked Republicans what the president would be the highest number who would directly accept payment, and they responded with Sphinx-like silence. In negotiations, they would never make $ 600. Will not go above. In some cases, $ 500 proposed. “

After raising his concerns on Tuesday, the president left for Florida on Wednesday – leaving Congress to decide whether he would make the change that the president had no intention of signing into law.

Fox News’ Tyler Olson contributed to this story.

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